Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paul Craig Roberts on World War II

Whatever else you can say about Paul Craig Roberts, you have to admit that he damn well says what he thinks. In the following piece, he brings up a point that is, indeed, often left out of discussions of the war — the fact that the Russians did an enormous amount of the fighting. It's hard to come to grips with all the meaning of even a small war, but World War II was so gargantuan that you could make a career out of learning about one small part of it.

Seriously, I suspect that he exaggerates a few things here, but I reprint part of it because he makes a lot of other points that are well worth contemplating. I must admit I hadn't thought much about the rather obvious fact that if we hadn't invaded, Stalin would possibly have grabbed all of Europe.

This is from the Unz Review, which Steve Sailer led me to by moving over there himself. Thanks again, Steve.

World War II: The Unknown War

I pointed out the fact, well known to historians and educated people, that the Red Army defeated Nazi Germany long before the US was able to get geared up to participate in the war. The Normandy invasion most certainly did not defeat Nazi Germany. What the Normandy invasion did was to prevent the Red Army from overrunning all of Europe.
As I have reported in a number of columns, many, if not most, Americans have beliefs that are not fact-based, but instead are emotion-based. So I knew that at least one person would go berserk, and he did. JD from Texas wrote to set me straight. No one but “our American boys” won that war. JD didn’t know that the Russians were even in the war.
JD had the option of consulting an encyclopedia or a history book or going online and consulting Wikipedia prior to making a fool of himself. But he chose instead to unload on me. JD epitomizes US foreign policy: rush into every fight that you know nothing about and start new ones hand over fist that someone else will win.
It occurred to me that World War II was so long ago that few are alive who remember it, and by now even these few probably remember the propaganda version that they have heard at every Memorial Day and July 4th occasion since 1945. Little wonder that neither Obama nor Cameron or their pitiful speech writers knew nothing about the war that they were commemorating.
Propaganda has always been with us. The difference is that in the 21st century Americans have nothing but propaganda. Nothing else at all. Just lies. Lies are the American experience. The actual world as it exists is foreign to most Americans.
In 1973 a British television documentary series was released that chronicled WW II. Of the 28 episodes, only 3 and a part of a 4th acknowledge Russian participation in the war. From the British standpoint, victory was an Anglo-American victory.
This did not sit well with the Soviet government. The Soviets offered their film archives to the West. In 1978 a 20 part series of 48 minutes per episode was released in an American documentary television series narrated by Burt Lancaster. The documentary was titled: “The Unknown War.”
Certainly, it was a war unknown to most Americans, raised as they are on propaganda.
The Unknown War was a revelation to Americans because it demonstrated beyond all doubt that Nazi Germany lost World War II on the Russian front. Of the 20 episodes, “The Allies,” that is, the Anglo-Americans and free French, feature only in number 17. One out of twenty is about the correct proportion of the West’s participation in the defeat of Nazi Germany.
If you google The Unknown War you will find an entry on Wikipedia. The series might still be available on YouTube. It was taken off the air when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, a folly repeated by dumbshit Washington. It was more important to Washington that Russia be demonized than any truths should be presented, so the truth revealed in The Unknown War was removed from US TV. Later the documentary reappeared on the History Chanel.
In my June 6 article, I said, following the consensus of historians, that Nazi Germany lost the war at Stalingrad. In this article: historian Dr. Jacques R. Pauwels says that Germany lost the war 14 months earlier at the Battle of Moscow in December 1941. He makes a good case. Whether one agrees or not, the facts he presents are eye openers for the “exceptional, indispensable Americans” who believe nothing happens without them.
Normandy, June 1944, is 3.5 years after Germany lost the war in the Battle of Moscow. As historians have made clear, by June 1944 Germany had little left with which to fight. Whatever was left of the German military was on the Eastern Front.
At the 70th annual Normandy landing celebration in France, Obama informed his French vassal, President Hollande, that he, Obama, the ruler of the Exceptional Country, would not sit down to dinner with the Russian Putin. Americans are too good to eat dinner with Russians. So Hollande had to have two dinners. One for Obama, and then one for Putin. As food is still good in France thanks to the banning of GMOs, probably Holland didn’t mind. I myself would have enjoyed being at both dinners for the food alone.
Like all news that is important, the dinner for Putin, and its meaning, escaped the attention of the American presstitute media, the world’s greatest collection of whores. If memory serves, normally the Russians are left out of the Normandy commemoration celebrations. If the war was won in the West, what did the Russians have to do with it? Nothing, of course. “Our boys” did it all, just as JD informed me. Russians? What Russians?
But this time France invited Putin to the Normandy celebration, and Putin was not too proud to come. Putin spoke with European politicians in the off moments, and these politicians saw a real person, unlike Obama, a total fake.
(Read the rest HERE, and be sure to read the comments. Interesting dissent there.)
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  1. Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangaleon in what appears to be a Zeon outfit from the Gundam franchise (Univesal Century timeline)

  2. Philip Dick hit the nail on the head in regards to East versus West TV propaganda back in 1964 when he published the 'Penultimate Truth'.

    In the passage below he's referring to two documentaries that were put out after WW2 by the different powers for propaganda purposes. His analysis of the West basically stealing half of Europe from the USSR is pretty close to the mark:

    Adam’s said, “Let’s start with the operational hypothesis underlying [documentary] B. That the USSR and Japan are attempting to save civilisation. England and the U.S. are secret allies of the Nazi, of Hitler; they brought him to power for the sole purpose of attacking the Eastern countries, of preserving the status quo against the new rising nations of the East. This we know. In World War Two England and the U.S. only seemed to fight Germany; Russia did all the land fighting on the Eastern Front; the Normandy landings – what did they call it? The Second Front? – only took place ‘after’ Germany had been defeated by Russia; the US and Britain wanted to rush in and greedily grab as much of the spoils – “

    [page 85])