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Adding a little salt usually improves food. Too much ruins it. That's one metaphor. But before a bunch of liberals write in to shriek that people aren't salt, I agree that metaphors aren't reality. The problem is assimilation. For many years this nation accepted all kinds of immigrants, swallowed them up, assimilated them, and made good Americans out of them, with a minimum of friction. There are exceptions here and there, like the Amish, who were careful not to assimilate in the usual sense for their own reasons, but they also have a habit of minding their own business, which is also an American value, so they're here and there on their farms, not bothering anybody, and, most importantly, not trying to twist American culture to accommodate them.

What we don't need, and what no country needs is blocks of immigrants who show up with no intention of assimilation, live in clumps, and regard themselves as special little snowflakes who must have everything changed to fit their special needs. They want everything printed in their language, public rules changed to make special accommodation for their religion, and, of course, affirmative action both official and unofficial to make unnecessary any efforts on their part.

And when they enter in sufficient numbers, such things just naturally happen, even without any real intention from the immigrants. It's human nature. When their numbers reach a critical mass, they stop regarding themselves as potential Americans, and think of themselves as (fill in ethnic term here) in America, and consider Americans as the enemy to be overcome, and become just another indigestible minority group. That's what multiculturalism leads to. As an aside, right now we're watching Iraq fly to pieces, largely because it's composed of three ethnic groups —Shi'as, Sunnis, and Kurds — who despise one another. At, Bob Wallace makes it personal:

A Little Bit is Exotic, A Lot is Genocide

Elliot Rodger would have been better off in my Midwestern hometown, had he been willing to grow his hair and party on the weekends.

When I was in high school we had a few Asians and a few sorta Asians. No one cared.

I remember one Chinese guy named Dave, who came to my house with some friends. He had hair past his shoulders, as I did. He had some hashish with opium, and all I can say is omigod. Another was a Korean guy who once picked up a friend and me in his father's convertible. Then there was the Homecoming Queen whose father was a Korean War veteran, who bought his Korean War bride back. Her brother, who I swear was called Woody, ended up marrying a white girl.

No one cared. A tiny bit is actually interesting and kind of exotic.

I recently visited my hometown and found in the newspaper an article the few Asians in high school claimed they were being mocked and picked on. Why?

Because we now have a bunch of Asians in this country. Too many, and now we are having the inevitable problems of multitribalism.

It's clear that Elliot Rodger hated effeminate Asians, of which he was one. Why else would he have beaten and knifed three of them to death?

These problems with multiculturalism are inevitable. I lived in Albuquerque and found the "Hispanics" there hate blacks and have pretty much ethnically cleansed the town. They never minded white people. I never had a problem.

I suspect this country in going to fracture along ethnic lines. Whites and Asians on top, Hispanics in the middle, blacks at the bottom. Just wonderful.

Gated communities for whites, often high in the hills, with the teeming, unwashed masses huddled in the valleys below. Yep, I'm really looking forward to this mess.
Quibcag: Akane Tendo of Ranma ½ (らんま½) demonstrates animosity.
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  1. Speaking from observation and experience, second and third generation Latinos are economically and culturally in about the same place as working to middle class whites, fourth generation on are pretty well assimilated. Oh, we may like our food a little spicier and enjoy Latino music a bit more, but we definitely get assimilated in the third and fourth generations. Of course about that time more Latinos immigrate to the US.