Friday, June 20, 2014

More Deconstruction of "Rape Culture"

I've said this before, but it's fun to repeat: liberals live in a child-like dream world, where intentions matter and results are no big deal. What's in their head is reality to them, and facts are stretched to fit theory, not vice-versa. And feminists are just like other liberals in this respect, only more so.

I want to be sure to get the credit passed out here. I got the below material by Peter Grant from a post on Larry Correia's blog HERE. Peter is another science-fiction writer, and I'm amassing quite a number of SF writers who have wise things to say outside their fiction. The latest is Peter Grant, and this is from his blog HERE.

"Education for rapists" - don't believe the bull!

Some of you have doubtless been following the politically correct brouhaha over defense against rape, sparked by Miss Nevada's comments about self-defense for women.  Most of the liberal/progressive/feminist wing insisted that this was a terrible idea, and that the "rape culture" was to blame, and what was needed was "education for rapists" so that they wouldn't do it any more.  (YGTBSM!!!)

Needless to say, such a ridiculous suggestion attracted multiple fiskings from the usual suspects.  Blog buddy and best-selling author Larry Correia wrote one of his brilliant debunkings of the loony left, which attracted sturm und drang from them and hysterical laughter from those of us on his side.  He was then attacked for being all sorts of things that he isn't, and responded in his usual delicate, shy, retiring manner (NOT!).  Most recently, Michael Z. Williamson, another author buddy, has weighed in with some sound common sense on the subject.

My main problem with those who talk about a "rape culture" and blather on about the need for "education for rapists" (by which they mean any man, because in their eyes we're all at least potential - if not incipient - rapists by definition) is that they have no idea what they're talking about.  Their world view isn't grounded in reality, but in some kooky moonbattish perspective that appears to stem from the same universe where unicorn farts generate power.  The real world simply isn't the way they want to see it - but they can't and won't accept that.  If you try to point out to them that this is the case, they scream blue murder and accuse you of sexism, political incorrectness and anything else they can think of.

To my great sorrow, I know far more about rape than most people.  I've written about certain aspects of that experience in my memoir, on this blog, and elsewhere.
(Click HERE to read the rest. Sobering stuff.)
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