Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Morning Miscellany

First off, this graphic is from, and it's previous provenance is unknown, so I'm sticking my URL on it so it'll be found easily. Now, if I saw this on a business door, I'd go right in and buy something, whether they sell flowers or liquor or shoes or hamburgers, and you should, too. On the other hand, if I was a holdup artist, I'd shun that place, and look around for one of those cute gun-free zone places to stick up.

Moving along, my last post HERE, has been beautifully illustrated by Vulture of Critique HERE,  Vulture is a master of using anime for the purpose of sequential narrative, and I am but an egg in comparison.

Elsewhere, Steve Sailer continues to PANHANDLE, and there are few causes more worthy.

And the artsy half of this blog, Baloo, discusses an alternate history novel here at Ifnicity.

And thought for today: You do realize, do you not, that murderer Elliot Rodger was an immigrant, right? Find out more about immigrant crime regularly at

And now the week is officially started.

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