Saturday, June 21, 2014

Messing with Mesopotamia

What can I say about Iraq that isn't obvious. Well, just about any actual fact about Iraq is clearly not obvious to most of the talking heads out there, because there is no evidence that any of them understand the first thing about it. I was listening to  The Five, a guilty pleasure if there ever was one, and the old drug-addled Bob Beckel was making sense for a change, opposing the idea of sending troops back into Iraq. Of course, he was just reacting to the neocon critique, ably demonstrated by one or more of the supermodel neocon girls on the show, that "we have to do something." Beckel will also say "we have to do something" when his liberal masters ring his bell, so, down deep inside, he isn't making any sense at all. But I digress.

Invading Iraq in the first place was a horrible, stupid idea. The place was halfway stable under Saddam Hussein, which, one would think, is a good thing. Now it's total chaos. Tell you what. I'll let Greg Johnson, over at, explain:

The Iraq Crisis

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