Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Impeachment — All Theory, No Practice

We've had actual Presidential impeachments only twice. Most lately, when Bill Clinton essentially mooned the whole country and dared Congress to do something about it, and they did the only thing they could think of, and it didn't work. And way back when the psycho wing of the Republican party wanted to keep on punching the South after the war was over, and Johnson wouldn't cooperate. All in all, one clumsy impeachment, and one totally wrong-headed impeachment. We really should have more impeachments than we do.

Lincoln, of course, should have been impeached and removed from office for his actions leading up to the Civil War. Either he was totally incompetent, or he was deliberately trying to provoke a war. In either case, he should have been removed. Maybe he would have been, but by all accounts, his first VP, Hamlin, would have been even worse.

And can we all agree that Pearl Harbor was sufficient proof of FDR's incompetence to justify removal? And I can think of about fifty reasons to impeach and convict LBJ, from the civil rights bill to the Vietnam war to the immigration tidal wave he started.

And our last three Presidents, well, they all deserve impeachment several times over. Why doesn't impeachment happen more often?  Just ask Paul Craig Roberts, from

Professor Francis Boyle on Impeachment of Bush and Obama

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