Monday, June 2, 2014

If It Would Save Only One Life


It’s time for a change

by Caleb

There was another mass killing this weekend. I found out about it on my way home from a pistol match, and as I thought about the events that transpired, I realized that we can’t just keep going on like this. Something has to be done, and we have to be willing to sacrifice some of our Constitutional rights to protect people. It’s time for a change. It’s time to accept responsibility. It’s time to put reasonable limits on the 1st Amendment and restrain the mass media that enables these killers to achieve the fame and notoriety they so desire.

The Founding Fathers couldn’t have possibly imagined a world where 24-hour news networks streamed coverage of these mass killers non-stop; they couldn’t have predicted that talking heads on cable news would repeat the names of vile murderers over and over again. They never would have imagined something like the internet, where future killers could research and see how much glorious, sweet attention previous murderers had gotten.

So America, I say it is time for a change. It’s time to restrict those dangerous freedoms that are placing innocent lives in jeopardy. The first and most important action should be for Congress to limit news coverage of mass killings to no more than 1 per day, per network. You don’t need more media coverage than that, right? After that, a joint effort with google would force anyone who googles mass killers and their names to pass an online background check before they’re allowed to see their search results.

I know it’s a small step, and some people will be inconvenienced. But if it only saves one life, it must be worth it.
Note: This is satire! Some people have read it and taken it as a sincere proposal, which is no surprise, because leftist nonsense is almost impossible to exaggerate. But it's satire. — Ex-Army

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  1. Brilliant satire, love it.
    This is Greg Smith from Selling The Second Amendment dot com.