Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hounded about Wolves

It seems that I read too much into wolves in that last post. That's what comes of too much Kipling and not enough zoology. In my feeble defense, I was of course being poetic and using the wolf as an inspiring symbol, just like the sheep. And no, people are never quite like sheep, either. But, given all that, it's still better to be a pack member than a unit of a herd. Again, it's
gaikokumaniakku who sets me straight. He tells us all about real wolves here:

Quibcag: This is InuYasha (犬夜叉), a wolf-demon.


  1. As a broad analogy, you were spot on with herd vs. pack. The best thing that anyone could have taken from yesterday's blog was how the herd mentality has been pounded into the entire country for the last few decades. The pack, or community, was a good counterpoint as our Constitution is set up with the various packs holding the power, and the Federal Government deals with matters involving ALL packs (not individuals). When the Federal Government started dealing with individuals (Soc. Sec, Income Tax, Education, everything not involving military as that is a contractual relationship) things started getting out of kilter.

  2. Glad I read this post before I read the one before...