Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Feminism According to The Erudite Knight

Feminism is always good for a laugh. Enter "Feminism" in the search box to the right and you'll see what I mean. Meanwhile, Erudite Knight has this to say about the little dears:

Feminist = ‘Empowered’ = ‘Independent’

What is notable is that there are few women who openly describe themselves as feminists, despite that disease infecting likely 80% of the women, and at least 30% of the males. However, that does not stop them from supporting, or especially taking advantage of the feminist movement. You call always tell the feminists at heart when the use the words ‘empowered’ or ‘independent’ to describe themselves. For all intents when I use ‘feminist’ I am also referring to their new monikers they now go by: liberated/empowered/independent etc

Feminism has largely been successful for a few reasons:

1 it has embraced an ever-present victim methodology in a society afraid to stand for real values,

2 it has given an excuse to women who preform subpar but can hand out laurels to the winners,

3 and has allowed double-think to be normalized.


  1. Thanks for repost, have to do what I can against the propaganda out there

  2. I think the whole feminism movement is, at one point in their history, 'good'.

    Nowadays it's a bunch of shrill harpies asking you to be tolerant and to not objectify them while also trumpeting how independent and great they are and thus must be worshiped, but still not objectify them.

    And all other views of the 'independent' woman are not allowed, etc etc.