Monday, June 23, 2014

Eric Margolis on Iraq

You all know what I think. Messing with Iraq was a bad idea in the first place, and is still a bad idea. We deposed a stable regime there, and now we have total chaos, with the added bonus of making Islamic fundamentalism more attractive to the whole region.

Some have accused me of saying that this wasn't about oil. I never said that. What I said was that it wasn't all about oil. Wars are seldom all about any one thing. Yes, it was about oil, and American oil magnates making more money as a result. It was also about taking out one of Israel's most powerful enemies for them. You know, that nice country that spies on us and tries to sink our ships, and to whom we constantly send massive foreign aid.

And, partly, it's about a natural antagonism that Christendom has had against Islam for centuries. Now, I'll all for such antagonism, and it ought to take the form of not allowing Muslims to immigrate into the West. But it doesn't take that form at all, because Europe and America both encourage and subsidize any and all Muslim immigration, from Nidal Hassan to the Tsarnaev boys, with predictable results.

No, it takes the form of war against random Muslim countries, with special attention towards wrecking what stable, popular governments they have, as in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, and replacing them with crazy, murderous mullahs. In short, the only people who could conceivably benefit from such action are people who make money from the mess, and the Israelis, who think they're better off surrounded by chaos than by stable governments. I think they're dead wrong, but they always cheer us on when we perpetrate such adventures.

At, Eric Margolis writes:

Back to Baghdad!

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