Monday, June 23, 2014


Francisco Albanese appears frequently at Counter-Currents. In this piece he calls for self-examination on the part of the people of the West, and a sloughing off of the distraction of the lives we've become accustomed to, and a new realization of our true nature and destiny:


When an entire society works in the same way — as an enormous vacuum cleaner that strips us all of our own nature, we know the time for storming the complexity has come, to reduce it to its demise. It is time to sink our surface selves into nothingness and forget what we have, forget the things we currently do, and to remember who we are, what we really are in this 9 - 5 guise, five days a week.

Contemplative values lead us as if we were cattle being pushed into a pestilent slaughterhouse just to be butchered. Cattle walking straight to nowhere, with no opposition nor questioning, have no choice; they only walk with an unique path that ends up in the butcher's hands. We live inside a cage with walls splattered with the blood and memories of those who were annihilated before us at a steady pace inside a perfect killing machine.

Peaceful, herbivorous and surrendered, beasts without vitality for fighting, without the power of the will-to-live, with no strength to devour. We are living with a pseudo-democratic heaven in our mind, with our efforts guided to achieve social welfare and a status quo which we can show our friends, forgetting our basic instincts, forgetting to procreate, forgetting to hunt, forgetting to deposit our seed in a matrix for perpetuating our race.

The answer is clear but the White man does not want to hear, because he is afraid to lose all the things for which he has fought, just like a hen looking for the Sun and air in a pestilent henhouse.

This society must be engulfed; this State, destroyed. We must fight for the tribe, multiply our progeny for survival and for the achievement of greatness.

It's us or them, with no regrets.
Quibcag: A generic anime girl with a sword, who seems to be inspired by the quote.

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