Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Guide to the Comparative Virtue of Immigrants

Cartoon by BALOO
This relates to a post I made a couple of days back HERE.

Steve Sailer had a post about how leftists view politics with respect to side-taking and principle, and one of the comments on his post by Wilkey said in part:

People whose ancestors arrived 15,000 years ago are morally superior to people whose ancestors came 200-400 years ago. People whose ancestors came 200-400 years ago ARE NOT morally superior to people whose ancestors arrived 0-150 years ago, and may even be morally inferior.

American Indians have some sacred rights because their ancestors wandered here across the Bering Strait some 15,000 years ago.

Descendants of the earliest settlers, mostly British, are entitled to no special treatment – are villains, actually – because they “displaced” the natives, even though they deliberately left the world’s most advanced civilization to settle a wilderness and build civilization for those who would come after.

Meanwhile, those who came “after” to enjoy the civilization that the British and a few others built are somehow special because…well, frankly because that group included the ancestors of men like Howard Zinn and those who control the media.

And those who came yesterday are completely innocent of the crimes currently being committed in their own homelands, and victims because of crimes committed by the Anglo-Saxons long before they got here. And of course they are entitled to move here because they are immigrants, and “immigrants” – a new and previously unknown ethnic group – built this country, dontcha know?

Another commenter said that this is the best and most succinct description of the leftist attitude towards immigration, and that it should be spread all over the net. I agree. I tried to extract part of this to make a quibcag, but the whole thing is a perfect piece and it would only diminish it to chop it up. So instead of a quibcag, enjoy a Baloo cartoon. And do spread this around.

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