Friday, May 2, 2014

The Joys of Diversity in School

The American right is terminally confused. Since the triumph of the left in the Sixties, the so-called right has internalized most of the social and political principles of the left, which fall under the classification of "political correctness," AKA "cultural Marxism." They've internalized the principles of egalitarianism so much, that they've trained themselves not to notice counterexamples to the rainbows and unicorns myth of racial amity. From Western Voices World News:

Video: No Country For White Children (Pass It On)

Frank Roman

The so-called 'right' in America is so whipped by its fear of being called bad names (racist, bigot, Nazi, etc), that they can’t make logical arguments. The arguments they need to make are inherently illiberal, but they are afraid to make them. Partially because they have absorbed so much of the ambient liberalism that they believe it, and partially because they fear reprisal. So they often end up making convoluted liberal arguments toward an illiberal end. The argument against miscegenation for example, is inherently illiberal because it is based on the rejection of absolute equality and the defense of righteous discrimination. Reading this you can just see some neoconservative hack getting all indignant. “I don’t want to discriminate! How dare you!” But yes he should and rightfully so.

Indeed, while all other races are allowed and even encouraged to meet with pride in their race and heritage,thanks in large measure to an utterly corrupt alien system of disinformation, white Americans and Europeans are vehemently denied that privilege. It is an insane double standard that must be recognized and crushed by our race if we are to survive. The nation wreckers are hitting us from a hundred different directions and most of the time it is just overwhelming to the average white person to see it clearly.

Except for these kids, of course.....

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