Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Enemy of my Enemy....

The enemy of my enemy isn't necessarily my friend, but it's always worth checking. Maybe he isn't a friend at all, but he's at least a potential ally. And anybody the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) is dumping on, is certainly an enemy of our enemy. Just look at the people attacked by the MAG in recent times — Zimmerman, maybe not our friend, but at least an ally in his advocacy of law and order — The Duck Dynasty bunch, certainly an ally in that they oppose the cultural Marxism of the left — Cliven Bundy, who is an ally, at least, in his resistance to arbitrary Federal power. And there are plenty more, if you stop and think about it. You have to be careful, though, because sometimes they temporarily turn on one of their own, like Larry Summers, just for the sake of appearances, and then quietly bring him back into the fold, when the heat dies down. DailyKenn tells us about another such fellow, Steven Anderson of Arizona. This is from DailyKenn' site.

Cultural suicide/genocide: The demise of white people 

When the left berates someone, I sit up and take notice. Their victim is usually doing something right.

And so it was with Pastor Steven Anderson, the famed Arizona preacher known for his 'right-wing' musings.

Anderson had the audacity to say that birth control and feminism are destroying America.

The message from the left is conventional: Anyone who dares challenge birth control is a silly loon who must be marginalized through ridicule.

We disagree.

Anderson tackled the moral outcome of birth control, but stopped short of addressing the demographic causatum. That is, he doesn't address the suicide/genocide issue facing Western culture.

Nonetheless, he touched on a cultural Marxism sore spot. The left doesn't care why Pastor Anderson is addressing birth control, they merely fear that he is addressing birth control. If white people heed the preacher's advice -- even on moral grounds -- the outcome will be more white people and that is the untenable inverse of their strategy. For the left to succeed in its struggle to achieve absolute economic parity, Western culture must be subdued. That translates into fewer white people whose innovative nature gives them an economic advantage.

And so the ridicule is heaped upon the Arizona preacher.

(You may recall pastor Anderson from the viral video -- [see video and other illustrations at DailyKenn's site HERE] -- in which a police officer had the unfortunately experience of encountering the preacher during a random traffic stop. The trooper said it was his job to look for crime. Anderson objected and, with video camera in hand, put the befuddled and unpatriotic cop in his place.)

Cultural suicide is what we do to ourselves. Cultural genocide is what others do to us. Sometimes they are one and the same. We commit cultural suicide by allowing cultural genocide.

There are two primary means employed by the left to enact white displacement: (a) suicide - birth rate calibration that assures non-whites make more babies than whites, and (b) genocide - mitigation through immigration.

Let's look at the birth rate dilemma.

• Last summer we learned that, for the first time, the death rate of white Americans outnumbered their birth rate. The Census Bureau reported that in 2012 the death rate of white Americans outpaced the birth rate by 12,400. The report said there were 198 non-Hispanic white Americans [source].

• The heat map below graphically demonstrates that non-white countries are out-pacing white nations in fertility rates.

According to the CIA's The World Factbook the nation with the highest birthrate is Niger where there are 6.89 births per woman. Mali is projected to have a lifetime birth rate of 6.16 births per woman in 2014. Burundi projected birth rate is 6.14 per woman. Somalia's birth rate is 6.08 Nigeria's projected birth rate is 5.25 births per woman.

Birth rates in nations with European populations are substantially lower.

France - 2.08
Greenland - 2.06
New Zealand - 2.05
United States - 2.01
Ireland - 2.00
Isle of Man - 1.94
Iceland - 1.88
Sweden - 1.88
Norway - 1.86
Netherlands - 1.78
Australia - 1.77
Georgia - 1.77
Denmark - 1.73
Finland - 1.73
Belgium - 1.65
Russia - 1.61
Canada - 1.59
Macedonia - 1.59
Switzerland - 1.54
Estonia - 1.46
Croatia - 1.45
Bulgaria - 1.44
Austira - 1.43
Czech Republic - 1.43
Germany - 1.43
Italy - 1.42
Greece - 1.41
Latvia - 1.35
Poland - 1.33
Romania - 1.32
Ukraine - 1.30
Lithuania - 1.29
Bosnia and Herzegovina - 1.26

White populations in European nations typically have lower birthrates than the overall population.

In Britain, for example, it is projected that whites will be a minority by the year 2066 due to both cultural suicide (low birth rate) and cultural genocide (immigration of non-whites.)
Again, videos and illustrations at the original site HERE.
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  1. Nothing to fear. As soon as women learn to read and write the birthrate goes down. If women get post secondary education the birthrate drops even lower. And if women have access to the internet the birthrate falls lower still.
    As for your fears, Islamic cultures have seen their birthrate fall to western levels in the past 20 years without the corresponding rise in productivity...their cultures are doomed to collapse.
    This theme surprisingly, is as old as the hills and can be found in Aristotle among other ancient writers. The takeaway is smart women kill cultures for they create children and children are the keys to the kingdom.

  2. A: I am a not quite white Latino who subscribes to the culture created by the American Founding Fathers. I am therefor somewhat objective on this issues.
    Those who object to the White race being superseded as the ethnic majority need to get into stable, fertile, heterosexual marriages and fuck like bunnies without using birth control on the days the female partner is ovulating.
    B; The culture created by Franklin and Jefferson (or at least their cultural ancestors) is incredibly beautiful. White Americans need to start treating it like the treasure it is. They also have to start telling people living in this country that it is worth sharing and acting like it is worth sharing. This does not mean people do not celebrate "Diversity." It means subscribing to and acting on the belief that white American culture is a valuable, vital, and vibrant part of that diversity, In fact, it is the source of the value on diversity.
    C. Interesting fact. The Suomilaset have the same genes as the Swedes. However they speak a Turkic language. Their religion, diet, and other cultural features are quite Nordic but they speak a Finno-Turkic language. It is not impossible that 60 years from now we will have an American culture based on that created by the Northern European and lived a somewhat browner America.
    I propose the creation of the Americanist movement. As long as you are red, white, and blue in your heart you're a member. If you aren't, your skin can be milk white and you are still not an American.