Friday, May 9, 2014

The Dagwoodization of Sweden

What's the deal with Sweden, anyway? Whenever you hear about some extreme PC nonsense going on, like schools where the kids aren't called "he" and "she" any more, lest they develop a sexual identity, chances are it's in Sweden. If you think I'm kidding, read THIS. And, lady-like, they seem ready to wimp out and give all their stuff to pushy immigrants, like HERE. Oh, you can blame their government, of course, but the Swedes put up with it, like THIS.

Was there a culling of the DNA through conquest and immigration, as Karol Traven suggests in the quibcag, or are there other causes? Whatever it was, it's happened pretty quick, I think, because they were tough enough during WWII that neither the Axis nor the Allies felt like invading them.

And one thing against the immigration theory is that in the Scandinavian area here, Minnesota and environs, there's also a rather wimpy tendency to roll over and let Somalis take over the place, though I don't know of any gender-neutral foolishness going on there. I could be wrong, though. Let me know.

Well, in any case, Sweden has the distinction of being the most feminine country in the world. This deeper analysis from Mangan's:

The most feminine country in the world

Can you guess which country is the most feminine in the world? Yes, it's Sweden, according to Staffan's Personality Blog. Quoting social psychologist Geert Hofstede:

The masculinity side of this dimension represents a preference in society for achievement, heroism, assertiveness and material rewards for success. Society at large is more competitive. Its opposite, femininity, stands for a preference for cooperation, modesty, caring for the weak and quality of life. Society at large is more consensus-oriented.

Staffan notes a couple of interesting peculiarities. One is that some of the WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrial, Rich, Democratic) countries are quite feminine - Scandinavia and the Netherlands - and some are not - U.S., Australia, for example. He speculates that this due to genetic influence. The other aspect worth noting is that in Sweden, criticism of feminism is beyond the pale.

So, from some of the fiercest people on earth, Vikings, to some of the most feminine, a story perhaps worthy of Gibbon, if it could be told. How did it happen? Could that also be genetic? The Vikings may have emigrated en masse or been killed in wars and thus the most masculine of Scandinavians ceased to live, at least in Scandinavia. A thousand years would seem to be enough time for some dramatic changes in genetic makeup.

As recently as 300 years ago, during the time of Charles XII, and before him, with Gustavus Adolphus, Sweden was warlike enough, attacking and often winning against the German states, Poland, and Russia. Genetic change probably couldn't explain the difference between aggressive, warlike Sweden then and neutral, feminine Sweden now. But the Swedish people weren't necessarily warlike themselves; their rulers were, and most of the Swedes that fought in those wars were conscripts. At the beginning of the 16th century, Russia, Poland, and the Baltic countries had much less population than they were to have later, and Sweden had severe limits of land and climate to support a larger population. My understanding is that after being defeated by Peter the Great, Sweden more or less decided that imperial wars were not worth it, being too costly in blood and treasure for the meager or worse results seen, and gradually became the neutral, non-bellicose nation that it is today.
Quibcag: The "girl" is actually cross-dresser Makoto, from Minami-ke (みなみけ?, lit. The Minami Family). Brrr! Anime tends to do this sort of thing a lot.

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  1. Gambrinus GlubbeJune 5, 2014 at 9:23 PM

    The Swedish rapid reaction force serving with NATO removed the balls from their heraldic lion in 2007 after some soldier-ettes complained.