Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Catch-All

Some details to clear up:

1 "Panpherohoplocracy" is from the blogger Vulture of Critique, and it's Greek, of course, meaning roughly "all-bear-weapons-rule," meaning a polity where everybody is armed. Vulture expounds on all this HERE.

2. L. Neil Smith responded the theories expressed in "The Dagwoodization of Sweden" by saying that Viking conversion to Christianity had something to do with their deracination.  I think he's right.

3. These two blogs
frequently have posts that have no "comment" to click on. Both have tried to fix this, and the problem continues. Since they're both Wordpress blogs, I figure that's the problem. If anybody knows how to fix it, let me know here and they'll both see it.

4. Baloo is trying to shop around his "Lily W. Liberal" comic strip up at the top there. Does anybody know of any sites that might want to use it regularly? For pay or gratis? Or hard-copy pubs, for that matter? If so, direct them here or tell us about them. The strip will consist, of course, of Lily spouting liberal dogma in the most comical way possible.

5. Steve Sailer, the best journalist of our era, has been outdoing himself with blog posts lately, if you're not doing so already, I strongly urge you to got to HIS SITE and read it every day. But I particulary want to call you attention of one particular post that answers a silly critique of Nicholas Wade's  A Troublesome Inheritance here:

6. And even more fun with Michelle Obama's hashtag-look-at-me selfie stunt here:
Yes, it does link back to here, but keep going to other links.

7. Finally, more info related to my recent post in Affirmative Action in Space here:

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