Thursday, May 8, 2014

Playing the Ethnicity Card

The two things in the world most mutually exclusive! Just ask a Palestinian. Or an African immigrant to Israel. I knew we'd get around to this shtik sooner or later. Naturally, we've all been under the impression that "Sterling" was a tobacco-chewing, mouth-breathing yokel Yahoo from Yazoo or someplace of the sort, like that well-known White supremacist George Zimmerman. Cliven Bundy, on the other hand, is a White Gentile, probably one of those icky omniphobic Christians, and we could assume he's a racist, no matter what he said. Can you imagine the scornful laughter and ridicule from the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) if he said "I'm not racist, I'm a Christian"? This is from the newspaper essential to us cranky old right-wing bloggers, the Daily Mail:

I'm not racist, I'm a Jew! Donald Sterling calls out Magic Johnson for not defending him and vows to hold onto the Clippers in newly recorded rant

A new recording of Donald Sterling has been released by a friend of the disgraced Clippers owner and he is heard declaring that he is not a racist.
'You think I’m a racist? You think I have anything in the world but love for everybody? You don’t think that! You know I’m not a racist!' Sterling is heard saying to his unidentified friend.
'I mean, how could you think I’m a racist knowing me all these years?
(Read the whole thing HERE.)

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