Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Orwell Lite

1984 didn't pan out exactly as Orwell envisioned it, though I doubt he'd be much surprised about the way it did turn out. Our Big Bro' is watching us, but he doesn't brag about it with big posters, he just does it with NSA and drones and other things.

Our modern Oceania doesn't call itself Ingsoc, and the head of the serpent is Washington, D. C., not Airstrip One. And the Inner Party doesn't call itself that, just FOO's (Friends of Obama), and pretends just to be a random collection of right-thinking people, as opposed to all us proles.

And not nearly as many Secret Police are needed, because we have volunteer auxiliary police out there who do the crimethink enforcement. Crimethinkers don't even have to go to Room 101 any more, because all our little latté sipping Red Guards can be counted on to destroy them in other ways, by keeping them out of schools, getting them fired from jobs, etc., all without annoying Big Bro' and interfering with his golf game and mirror-gazing. Why, we even have Mrs. Big Bro out there encouraging the proles' kids to inform on and propagandize their crummy old White parents.

This from SPBDL:

Michelle Obama Asks White Children to become American 'Pavlik Morozov' (or what Orwell in "1984" dubbed 'child hero') and Denounce Their Racist Family Members

The story of Pavlik Morozov (Pavel Trofimovich Morozov) is one we should recall in these increasingly troubling times.

He was a 13-year-old boy, a shining example of a Soviet Communist, when in 1932 it is said he denounced his father to the authorities. He would subsequently be murdered by family members (his father was executed after being turned in to the authorities by his young son, Pavlik Morozov), but turned into a martyr by the Soviet Union.
(Read it all HERE.)

 So our Oceania isn't exactly like Orwell described it, but softer and cuddlier. It works just about as well, though. Steve Sailer describes some of its manifestations here:

Reparations, amnesty, Brendan Eich

Quibcag: I've been saving this one for an appropriate post. Okay, it's not a face, but it does look like a birkenstock. I have no clue who the girl is.

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  1. [quote]
    and the head of the serpent is Washington, D. C., not Airstrip One.

    I guess that means that you don't buy into the silly notion that the British are the secret puppet masters who use the USA to do their bidding. It's a notion that's believed by quite a few of the Conspiracy Theory types like Henry Makow, Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley and others. Though in truth they just pilfered the idea from Lyndon Larouche who's been peddling it for years.