Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Liberals and Guns

Concerning guns, I came across this interesting comment on the net by Will Terry:

Interestingly enough Bill Maher asked one of the best questions a while back: "If you're in a movie theatre and some nut jumps up with a gun and starts shooting people - are you really thinking to yourself - wow, I really hope he's the ONLY one with a gun in here?" ...I've asked this of some of my liberal friends and not one of them will answer the question...they just change the dialogue. We can't actually solve problems if people can't even be honest with themselves.

That's excellent. I don't expect Bill Maher to say sensible things, so I'm especially gratified to learn about this one. Every time this issue is discussed, some liberal dink assures everybody that armed civilians can't be effective at stopping crime, and that armed civilians would just make such incidents worse. They usually throw "Wild West" into the argument somewhere, demonstrating that their thinking is based on what they see in movies.

Years back, in a small-town bar in Indiana, a new guy in town whispered to the bartender that he thought one of the guys in there had a gun in his pocket. The bartender smiled, and called out to the room, "Hey, anybody got a gun in here?" Almost everybody there held up a gun. That bar had been operating for decades, and nobody had ever shot anybody in it, and it was always full of armed civilians. And there are hundreds of places like that all over the country, and such establishments are, oddly enough, almost never chosen as a place to shoot up. Even the most psycho of psychos are smart enough to go for the gun-free zones, where they're guaranteed some nice safe targets.

And, yes. Maher got it right. If some hoplophobe liberal finds himself in such a situation, he really, really hopes that somebody present will have the capability of taking down the shooter. But owing to the liberal's valiant anti-gun activism, the chances are good that nobody of the sort will be there.
Quibcag: The gun-bearing girl, who we'd all be happy to see in such a situation, is Irene "Rally" Vincent (アイリーン・ビンセント Airīn Binsento; ラリー・ビンセント Rarī Binsento) of Gunsmith Cats (ガンスミス キャッツGansumisu Kyattsu).

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