Saturday, May 24, 2014

LIberal BS on the Net

I'm "friended" with all kinds of people on Facebook, including a heap of prime-grade liberals, and they upload all kinds of graphic memes with liberal messages. They range from the half-way reasonable ones that just lie by leaving things out and misdirecting to the flat-out lies that that are completely fabricated, as the quibcag illustrates. The left, generally speaking, has no interest in the truth. Since leftists consider themselves to be on the side of all that is good, any means to put their programs into effect is judged okay, and that includes distortions, fudged statistics, and simply lying about anything and everything.

One big lie is that there's something intrinsically wrong with White people. They're cruel, stupid, uncool, racist, and any other bad thing you can think of. To get this point across, we're constantly treated to stories about how much better other people are. Especially "indigenous" people, AKA savages. One such instance of idiocy is making its way around the Net, and over at The Right Stuff, "Ghoul" tells us about it:
Quibcag: Alas, I can't identify the girl with the manual.

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  1. I have said for years that we are living in a post-factual time. Thomas Sowell and others have described the use of "filters" by the true believers to adjust their perception of reality and the others are just liars.