Thursday, May 8, 2014

Larry Correia on Boko Haram

Larry Correia is one hell of a good fantasy writer (read about and buy his books HERE, or go to HIS SITE), and, we're pleasantly surprise to learn, he is also rock-solid on things social and political, and demonstrates that very clearly on his blog, Monster Hunter Nation. Currently we're in the middle of a nationwide hissy-fit about some Islamic Fundamentalists (you know, the kind of people likes to send arms to, and turn countries over to, after removing halfway dependably sane dictators) who have decided that they don't want girls learnin' 'rithmatic, and have kidnapped them instead, putting them up for sale in the slave markets that the self-righteous abolitionists didn't get around to. Since this is happening in Nigeria instead of, say, Detroit (it probably is happening in Detroit, come to think of it), it is of course priority Number One for Prince Bumpo and his lovely wife, Sojourner BS. The below is less than half his post from his blog, so do go and read it all HERE.  You'll see more refreshingly snarky right-wing graphics.

Operation Pouty Face

I did a lot of research on human trafficking and modern slavery before Mike Kupari and I wrote Swords of Exodus. It is a horrible, evil, and surprisingly gigantic thing. One thing I’m fairly sure of about the kind of people who do that sort of thing for a living, is that they really don’t give a shit about a bunch of American movie stars taking pouty selfies of themselves holding up signs with hash tag give our girls back. The disapproval of fat, soft, Americans on Facebook really doesn’t move them. They care about getting paid or getting killed, that’s about it. The self-righteous pouting is useless.

Don’t tell me about it, go tell your husband. He’s the one with the red phone.
For the idiot libprog pussies with the selfies, the world is a violent place, filled with violent men. If you actually want something to be done about these evil people, maybe you shouldn’t bitch, whine, and moan every time our military takes action against evil people. It seems odd to me that the same people demanding military action for this are the same ones that complain about military action for anything else. Oh, but wait, I forgot, the left has no overriding principles, and to them violence is always bad unless their guy does it, and evil is relative depending on how it trends on Twitter.
This kidnapping event made the news, but this sort of thing happens every day somewhere in the world. You’re shocked and outraged about this, but that just shows how little you know about the subject. There are plenty of outrageous acts of evil out there to choose from. You can take useless photos of yourself holding up a sign, but it will do nothing other than prove to your fellow idiots that you care so hard.
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Quibcag: I added the words to the sign, but the basic drawing was done by toph312 and is of 
Tsumugi Kotobuki of K-On! (けいおん! Keion!)

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  1. While awareness of the issue is a good thing, this misguided 'holding up signs with a sad face' deal will only prove to give the Boko Haram folks some good natured laughs. At this point though, Larry's right. Unless the Nigerians want this to stop, they got to be everything they want to be rather than letting their corrupt rule them. Because in reality, if we, and we as in the West and not just the US, sent more troops, these same selfie idiots will start talking about American/Western imperialism.

    It's outrage of the week for these people, and they change colors so often and so quickly that chameleon would be envious.