Saturday, May 10, 2014

Feminism: Crazy AND Evil

I've pointed out before that feminism is altogether the silliest system of thinking (if you can call it thinking) that the human species has come up with so far. The silliness is evident in scenes like THIS. You'll perceive that not only are the female feminists terminally silly, but they demand subservient silliness from their male mascots or consorts or whatever they are. But don't let the silliness distract you. It acts as a sort of camouflage for the essential evil of the whole thing. Evil in Christian, Darwinistic, and even Objectivist terms, being hostile to the use of reason as it is. And, yes, also evil in libertarian terms, if the libertarians in question aren't too "thick" (heh!) to realize it.

The evil, of course, is the ultimate purpose of feminism, which is (whether the fluffy little things realize it or not) to destroy civilization. Feminism can also be thought of as a vice (we first endure, then pity, then embrace) that feels so good at first, but which undermines the structure of the body and mind until both fail.

G. K. Chesterton famously said,

“When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.” 

And he certainly had a point. I'd put it in more secular terms, and say that most people have an urge to believe in things, and when they stop believing in one thing, they look around for something else to believe in in much the same way. But I'll go him one better — When people cease believing in reason, they start believing in feelings, and without reason, their feelings can take them anywhere. All of human experience and reason invalidates feminism, but since experience is condemned as "hidebound tradition" and "prejudice," that's out of the equation, and without reason, it becomes impossible to even to discuss the cause and effect of social policy, because it's all based on how we feel about it, and deteriorates into talk about subjective things like "fairness" and "equality."

Gaikokumaniakku has some thoughts on all this at his site here:
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Quibcag: A-Ko, a normal, healthy high-school girl of interesting parentage protects us all from the onslaught of feminism. She is from Project A-ko (プロジェクトA子 Purojekuto Eeko). Below, A-Ko rushes into the sky, hopping from missile to missile (she doesn't have her father's power of flight) to attack the alien feminists' mother ship.

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  1. A company I used to work for would make all the male supervisors wear dresses "for Charity" and would parade them around for all the women to cat call at. When I asked if they were going to make the female supervisors actually dress like women at some point for the men to hoot and holler at I was reprimanded. Go figure.