Friday, May 23, 2014

Fear and Loathing Switcheroo

When you have a country with two obviously different ethnic groups, call them A and B, it is almost never the case that the two groups have equal status, unless they're so alike as to not really be two groups. What you have is mutual dislike, almost certainly, because difference is, in fact, difference. And because of this mutual dislike, A tries to dominate B because it doesn't want to be dominated itself, and vice-versa. In the United States today, Blacks and Whites are very different from one another, so the struggle for dominance is very real. Up until a few decades ago, Whites were clearly dominant almost everywhere. Most Blacks were genuinely afraid of Whites, in the sense that they knew that Whites would somehow punish their misbehavior, so their misbehavior was held to a minimum. To today's mushbrained White liberals, that sounds "unfair," but fairness is a social construct, of course, and it's about emotion other than reason. The actual result of White dominance was that, as I said, Black misbehavior was held to a minimum, and that includes Black misbehavior towards other Blacks as well as towards Whites.

And White misbehavior was also held to a minimum by Whites themselves, because they'd learned to do so through centuries of struggling towards civilization. This had the side effect of causing responsible Blacks to emulate them and police Black behavior internally. This, by the way, is the origin of the so-called "unfair" sentencing of Black thugs and drug dealers — Local Black politicians pushed for harsh sentences to help protect their own neighborhoods. White liberals Know Better, of course, and have joined forces with Black thugs and Black con men and pimps, like Jackson, Sharpton, Obama and Holder, and reversed this policy, turning as many Black thugs as possible back out on the street to prey on their own neighborhoods and terrorize decent Blacks, and made it as hard as possible to arrest them in the first place and convict them if they are arrested.

This has flipped the system on its head. Formerly, Blacks were afraid that Whites would punish them if they misbehaved. Today, Whites are afraid that Blacks will punish them if they do anything at all, like walk around the streets or go to school. As I said, one group will always dominate, and now it's the Blacks. If you doubt this dominance, browse around a little at

Apparently, this isn't the case everywhere in the world, though. Go read this short piece at Steve Sailer's blog HERE. Vox Day has his own insights on this story HERE.
Quibcag: The girls of Love Hina (ラブ ひな Rabu Hina) demonstrate their dominance over poor Keitaro.

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