Friday, May 30, 2014


If the people of the United States were deciding things, instead of its feckless government, we would right now be expelling all illegal immigrants and closing our border. We would also refrain from meddling in the Middle East, Affirmative action would come to a screeching halt, there would be no talk of gun control, and taxes would be held to a minimum. Public university faculties would be purged, professional feminists would have to get real jobs, and there would be no talk of "White Privilege" or "Male Privilege" on the campuses or anywhere else. It would be a curmudgeon's paradise.

But the people don't decide. Indeed, it's hard to imagine a king or a dictator behaving more contrary to the popular will than our "democratic" government is right now.

And the elite like it that way, and want it to be more so, if anything. For example:

We have always been at war with Eurasia, and we always will be if David Brooks has his way. This is from Vox Day's website.

A call for permawar

David Brooks openly calls for "constant garden-tending", or in other words, an ongoing state of aggressively militaristic global policing by the United States:
As Robert Kagan shows in a brilliant essay in The New Republic, for the past 70 years, American policy makers have understood that underreach can lead to catastrophe, too. Presidents assertively tended the international garden so that small problems didn’t turn into big ones, even when core national interests were not at stake. In the 1990s, for example, President George H.W. Bush and President Clinton took military action roughly every 17 months to restrain dictators, spread democracy and preserve international norms.

This sort of forward-leaning interventionist garden-tending will be even more necessary in an age of assertive autocracies. If the U.S. restricts intervention to “core interests,” as Obama suggests, if it neglects constant garden-tending, the thugs will grab and grab and eventually there will be horrendous conflagrations. America’s assertive responses will not need to be military; they rarely will be. But they’ll need to be simple, strong acts of deterrence to preserve order.
This is insane and this is wrong. The reason that "the number of countries that moved in an autocratic direction has outnumbered those that moved in a democratic one" has been because the supposedly democratic countries have demonstrated to all and sundry that they are not democratic at all. The United States, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Ireland, France, the UK, and above all, the European Union, have proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that their "democracy" is a sham.

Switzerland is the only genuinely democratic country in Europe. It is the only country where the will of the people can actually, at times, override the will of the government elite. The government there has voted twice to join the EU. The people voted it down twice and that is why Switzerland is not in the EU. Contrast that with, for example, the UK, where the people have never voted to join the EU and the government has repeatedly lied to them and denied them the opportunity to decide for themselves if they wish to belong to it. Or Ireland, where they voted down the Lisbon Treaty, then were forced to vote again until the will of the Irish elite had been accomplished. Or the USA, where one of the largest invasions in human history - 50 million strong - was aided and abetted by the three branches of government.

The concept of representative democracy has failed abysmally. It is no wonder that people are now trying other options. It's hard to believe that Brooks is crazy enough to demand the US engage in national sovereignty-violating military action twice every three years. This is the madness of the neocons reaching terminal velocity.
Quibcag: I don't know where the marching girls came from, alas.


  1. Brooks is thinking of a different democracy and much more limited electorate then what you are. He is thinking of an electorate of consisting of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve, the Editorial Board of the New York times, the corporate heads of the Goldman Sachs bank, etc etc representing a global self-styled elite. Not the general riff raff like you and me nor mere nations..

    That is why you can have a hundred elections with perfect accuracy and if it does not come up with the results that Brooks and company agree with they will say that it is undemocratic.

  2. If I remember correctly, it's Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. She's commonly seen in that for some odd reason.