Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Academic Playpen

Cartoon by BALOO

In the academic world, particularly at the college level, it's trite but true to say that the inmates are running the asylum. There's nothing new about that. Way back in the Glorious Sixties, university administrators famously sat back and put up with any kind of childish foolishness on the part of the "students" they were supposed to be teaching and managing. They were so feckless in general, that when one college president, S. I. Hayakawa, upon showing some token resistance before caving in, was catapulted to the Senate.

The current craze is for imbecilic "students" to have hissy-fits about commencement speakers, raising all kinds of hell to prevent them from appearing at all, and usually with success. And of course the administrators respond like silly putty, absorbing and amplifying the nonsense of the protestors.

But something I hadn't really thought about was the fact that many such speakers are not opposed that, logically, ought to be. Why is that? This insight from John Craig at http://justnotsaid.blogspot.com/

One-sided protests

It seems that every time a speaker is prevented from giving a speech on a college campus, it's always a conservative figure.

Most recently, Condoleeza Rice was prevented from speaking at the Rutgers University commencement. The students objected to the fact that as National Security Adviser and then Secretary of State under George W. Bush, Rice sanctioned the Iraq War.

Last fall, Ray Kelly, former head of the NYPD, was shouted down and now allowed to speak by student protesters who objected to the stop and frisk policy he oversaw. That policy drove down the murder rate in New York considerably, but liberals felt it targeted blacks and Hispanics unfairly.

Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, was prevented from speaking at Azusa Pacific University after students protested.

These are many more examples of how leftists have prevented free speech on campuses.

In the meantime, President Obama has given several commencement speeches at colleges. Obama has overseen a drone program which has killed more than three hundred innocent children, which is surely a larger crime than instituting a stop and frisk program whose aim was to get illegal guns off the streets, or writing a book which mentions the racial gap in IQ. Yet no one seems to prevent Obama from speaking.

Might this possibly be because the leftists on campus know that the war criminal Obama is one of them?

Does that not stink of hypocrisy?

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