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War is just the HEALTH of the state — As for other things....

Calling attention to this piece I'm leading into, Jeff Odgis said:

Here is a theory. Big Immigration enables Big Government. It worked for Tammany Hall. It worked for FDR. And it is working for all the modern totalitarians. Immigration is the Viagra of the state.

And I'll add to that: It also worked for Lincoln. He might still have crushed the South and trashed the Constitution without all those Irish and German immigrants who got draft notices as they stepped off the boat, but it would have been a lot harder. Right now, despite piffle from Neocons and Liberals and the wrong kind of Libertarians, all these millions of immigrants who LBJ opened the floodgates for, legal and illegal, are serving as pawns at best, and active participants at worst, in pushing for ever bigger, ever more authoritarian government. This is from VDare, and is six years old, but it's even more relevant now:

We're at a peculiar moment in the history of liberty. It's been almost seventeen years since the Soviet Union collapsed. (I'm acutely aware of this because my son was born that day, making him, as I like to think, the very first post-Communist baby!) At that time, even a life-longAmerican academic socialist like Robert Heilbroner wascompelled to confess, in a celebrated essay in the New Yorker magazine, [The Triumph Of Capitalism, January 23, 1989] that the century-old battle between capitalism and socialism is over and capitalism has won.
Yet in the US it's very probable that the party of free markets—perhaps I should say the alleged party of free markets—is going to be annihilated in this year's election and that the party of statism may be in power for a generation.
There are obviously a number of reasons for this reversal. But one of them, I think, is that (at least in the US) libertarianism rested on its laurels and simply did not address the next generation of problems that came to the fore amid the wreckage of socialism. One of those is problems is immigration and, ultimately, the role of the national community, the nation-state. As I understand it, the role of the Property and Freedom Society is to address those problems and to rearticulate the libertarian vision.
Hans-Hermann Hoppe did address the problem of immigration, in his own writings and by arranging for a special issue of the Journal of Libertarian Studies, the summer 1998 issue [Volume 13, Number 2] guest edited by Ralph Raico, which was devoted to the subject. It's a seminal volume of essays, revealing for example that the dean of American libertarian philosophers, John Hospers, who actually received one electoral college vote when he ran for President as the Libertarian Party candidate in 1972, rejected open borders and the notion that if you support free trade, you have to support free immigration.[A Libertarian Argument Against Opening Borders(PDF)]I don't think the debate among libertarians has moved much further forward, greatly to the discredit of the Libertarian Establishment. Hans should really be giving this talk today. But I guess he believes in the division of labor!
So my topic today is "A Libertarian Case Against Immigration". I am myself an immigrant (or an emigrant, depending how you look at it) from Britain to the U.S. withsome years in Canada. So I'm not saying that immigration is absolutely a bad thing. But I am saying that it can be a bad thing, and that in the US today—and also Europe—it isa bad thing. In the U.S., we're constantly told by immigration enthusiasts, a distinct subspecies among American intellectuals, that immigrants do dirty jobs Americans won't do. And, I tell them, here I am!
(And he goes on to do the job here:)

"Immigration Is The Viagra Of The State"—A Libertarian Case Against Immigration

Quibcag: These are, you guessed it, the girls from "Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3" (特例措置団体ステラ女学院高等科C3部), who are better than viagra.

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