Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Treason Threatens To Prosper Again — Jonathan Pollard

They don't call me Ex-Army for nothing. Way back in the Johnson-Nixon years, I was in Army intelligence, with access to many filing cabinets full of classified documents. All of us in the office were under the impression that if any one of us handled any of them improperly, let alone stealing them and giving them to foreign agents, we'd just be taken out in the parking lot and shot. Even without that knowledge, none of us considered doing such a thing for a second. Of course, in those days it was difficult to get a security clearance if you were an Islamic Terrorist (right now I'm hearing about another Fort Hood shooting, coincidentally enough) or just a traitorous junkie scumbag like Jonathan Pollard. Earlier stuff about that special little snowflake HERE.

But now, here we go again. The idiots in charge of the government are considering releasing him as a great hero to be feted in Israel. In exchange the Israelis will agree to chat a little longer with Palestinians before they start shooting them. The link thanks to Jerry Pournelle. The original is at The Diplomat:

Don’t Release Jonathan Pollard


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