Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The MAO Gene

Somebody recently gave the advice, "Always tell the truth when you can — It's easier to remember." And it also works better than lies for other purposes, like formulating public policy. And one truth is that people vary, and, although environment does affect people, they also vary intrinsically. And even people who deny this fact, often behave in such a way that suggests that, maybe unconsciously, they are aware of it. But in many cases, they're quite conscious of it, they just lie about it, because that's the demand of the Zeitgeist, which insists on the absolute intrinsic equality of all human beings. Actually, the only people who believe in such equality are especially naive White liberals. Everybody else knows better, and, since they don't give a damn what White liberals think, they're quite ready to say so.

But even at the New York Times, where you'd expect Orwellian adherence to party doctrine, the truth has a way of asserting itself. Steve Sailer, the best journalist of the 21st Century, tells us about one such manifestation at Takimag:

The Liberal Creationists

As the topic of race continues to pop up in the news now and then, what with the Los Angeles Clippers imbroglio and whatnot, it’s worth reconsidering the conventional wisdom on the subject, which has congealed into: “Race does not biologically exist because, uh … Science!”

Nicholas Wade, the New York Times’ chief genetics reporter, has published 1,052 articles in the newspaper of record since 1983. For most of this century, Wade has been methodically waging war in the Science section of the NYT against the liberal creationist myth that race isn’t real. He has now written a definitive book on the existence of biological differences among races, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History, which will be published on May 6.

In his new book, Wade writes:

Ever since the first modern humans dispersed from the ancestral homeland in northeast Africa … the populations on each continent have evolved largely independently of one another as each adapted to its regional environment. … Because of these divisions in the human population, anyone interested in recent human evolution is almost inevitably studying human races, whether they wish to or not.

To Wade, race isn’t just skin deep. In fact, he finds the visual differences between races less significant than the behavioral. Evolution’s strategy for adapting to radically different environments is to “keep the human body much the same but change the social behavior.”

For example, in one study, the variant of the MAO-A gene most associated with aggression and delinquency was found in 5.2 percent of a sample of black males but only 0.1 percent of Caucasian males, which may explain a lot.
(Read the rest HERE, and tell Steve I sent you.)
Quibcag: Sorry about the pun, but the Mao girl is from “Nyotaika!! Dictators of the World,”

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