Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Further Demonization of Cliven Bundy

I've just now been listening to a bunch of talking heads on "Media Buzz" falling over one another to be the most horrified at the words of poor old Cliven Bundy. I'm listening as closely as I can bear to, and it was instructive that they praised/blessed the egregious faux-conservative Sean Hannity for his expressed horror about the whole incident. Bundy, of course, said nothing that any sane person could be horrified about, as I demonstrated in THIS post, and afterwards in THIS post. So what I've witnessed this morning, and all over the media over the last few days, is pure herd behavior, Orwellian behavior. Of course, it wouldn't really matter to the issue of the grazing rights and the Government's behavior whether Bundy is a right-wing something or other or a Scientologist or a Druid or anything else, but picking at him this way — and it is permitted to do so, because he's an Old White Guy — serves as a wonderful distraction to the actual issue, and sets up the public to accept anything that Obama wants to do to him, jail him or shoot him or confiscate all his property or whatever. That's called "demonizing."

Again I'm on the point of ranting, so let me defer to A. X. "The Ax" Perez, who has a much cooler head than I do on this subject, and whose observations are always worth listening to:


Cliven Bundy has become all things to all people.
Some see him as the darling of those who would 
resist overweening government power and its abuse.
Others see him as the victim of a plot to steal his
land for the friends of those with political power. 
Still others see him as a bit of a jerk who has been running
cattle on his neighbors' land without permission or 
paying fair rent, both that of the government and other
people's private property. By now both sides have started
churning the rumor mill to where differentiating fact from 
fiction is all but impossible, let alone determining who
is right ( and to be honest the mainstream media has 
worked hard to reach this point.).

Speaking of the mainstream media, this wonderful bunch
chose to release comments made by Mr. Bundy butchered 
to make him sound like a racist jerk. Several 
"libertarian/conservative 'leaders'" (use of multiple quotation
marks carefully considered these men just proved they are phonies
as lib/cons and lack the appropriate hormonal balance and sense of
justice to lead) were quick to jump ship on him before the truth came 
out. What amazes is the need demonstrated by progressives for Mr.
Bundy to be racist, or homophobe, or religious fanatic, or some other 
kind of pariah unworthy of having rights. This tells me more than I
ever wanted to know about liberals, they have a need to for somebody
to ostracize and marginalize, to create a group of people it's okay to
to bully, rob, and murder. Sound like the kind of people who march around 
in snazzy uniforms with a cool insignia on an armband and saluting a leader/

We are close to a civil and war my friends, and what surprises me is the number 
of people who want it to happen,who appear unwilling to let people run their
own lives or even vote on how to run their lives, but who want to point guns at
their neighbors and force the rest of us to be their kind of people. And some of 

them are people who honestly think they are friends of liberty. 
Quibcag: I actually came across this quote used in a completely different connection over at The Irish Savant, a site I visit regularly, but it is universally applicable to a host of such issues. The thoughtful girl in the illustration is Yuki Nagato (長門 有希 Nagato Yuki) from the anime, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu)

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