Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sweden: Give Up And Die

Sorry, Swedes aren't like this any more.

First, thanks to Георги Георгиев for this link. Second, this is from an actual Swedish Newspaper, FriaTider Inrikes, it seems to be, and the original is HERE. I used Chrome's translation gadget to render the page into English for your convenience, so the translation is crude, as you can see. But it's clear enough to illustrate the flat-out suicidal mentality pervading Sweden these days. Our flakiest immigration enthusiasts haven't gone quite this far yet.

On top of all this, the bad news is that Sweden has made it illegal to criticize immigrants on the internet. The good news is that Swedes want to criticize them, so they're not all nuts. You can read about that HERE.

Requirement: Impound Swedes' houses and give them to immigrants

Published April 22, 2014 at 18:47
DOMESTIC. municipality must begin expropriating Swedes houses and condominiums and give them to immigrants. It requires the social worker Anders Wilhelmsson in Halmstad.

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FULL LETTER: Click for larger image.
It is not enough to Swedes living in rental units are thrown out of their homes to make way for immigrants, according Wilhelmsson, who is a social worker in training and labor unit department for financial assistance.
In a letter to the municipal government, he writes that the municipality should now go a step further and use exproprieringsrätten to seize primarily single-family homes and condominiums owned by Swedes.The dwellings, the municipality must then give to refugees.
"The whole community should jointly set up to give refugees received housing and integration., It shall not unilaterally arrive at accommodation in rental units which in practice means that it is always the same group that sets up," the letter says.
Anders Wilhelmsson mean that something "radically" must be made to Halmstad municipality shall be capable of providing homes for the 450 new refugees, plus family immigrants, who now is on the way.
- Optional is the best, but it needed something radical. It says in the Constitution that expropriation is possible if clearly state for the common good and I think that housing and integration for these people is more important than taking land to build a road, says Wilhelmsson to Hallandsposten .


  1. The thing about that suicidal nation is, that if a few guys decided to fight back against their domestic enemies -- by throwing eggs, throwing punches, or launching smaller projectiles at higher speeds -- they should have pretty good odds of winning the fight, right? I mean, if the blondie zombies are willing to be robbed, beaten, raped and killed by an alien species, they can't be willing to put up much fight against their brothers who slap some sense into them.

  2. I have a better idea. Give the Swedes 451 bullets. Shoot the 450 immigrants and save the last bullet for this a$$hole Wilhelmsson.

  3. How much spunk do the suicidal governments have? That's an interesting question. These parasitic infections are difficult to treat. Some of the higher functions of the host have been compromised in an almost rabid style. It is clear that the host will die or at least degenerate into squalor and filth. Will the lower functionaries of the state rebel and what will be the reaction of the higher functionaries? I don't know. Lone wolf tactics will only accomplish so far. At some point mass action will be necessary. But of course looking at the Ukraine, it only took a few hundred men in hoods to occupy the building. But of course they had the support of more than 60% of the population. That is the critical point.

  4. "But of course they had the support of more than 60% of the population. That is the critical point."

    I know little to nothing about Scandinavian culture, but what little I can surmise is that they are extremely conformist. Once something like Crimea takes place, which I would imagine is likely at some point all across Europe, they'll probably act as if they were all against it to begin with.

    That, and every time any of the people of these foreigner-swamped European nations is polled by a reputable polling agency, like 80%+ of the public are against it -- across all economic strata and even across class and political divides (recent PPV poll in Netherlands, et. al.). They just know that it's illegal or unsanctioned to say anything about it publicly.

    Translation: Tender box! Yay! Wo0t! Let the Pan European National Revolution begin!

    Can't wait to step off a dropship on to the deck a former Amerotard Nay-Toe base that's been requisitioned and upgraded for the national revolution. Droooooling!!! Srsly tho. :0 <3 <3 <3