Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Break Is Not A Walk In The Park

The bleedin' obvious shouldn't be the subject of an essay in a perfect, or even better, world. But it should be in our world. Lord knows I write a lot about the obvious, but it's alarmingly not obvious to so many people, that it's worthwhile to do so. Indeed, essential to do so.

We're all so awash in Political Correctness/Cultural Marxism these days, that it's become difficult even for my geezer cohort to see the obvious — never mind the youngsters, who have been so thoroughly propagandized by the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) that they can't see the forest for the trees, and even keep running into the trees and wondering what they are.

One of these obvious hidden mysteries is the overwhelming, intrinsic, permanent differences between males and females. These differences are physical, mental, attitudinal, hormonal, and social. And the social differences are only in part social constructs. Different cultures have variations that can be called constructs, but they are all based on differences that are not construct. One of these is morality, and how males and females fit into morality. Margaret Meade famously made a perfect ass of herself proclaiming that female promiscuity was just fine in some cultures. It isn't. Nowhere. Now, my age group went through the 60's, when traditional Western morality was "questioned." That's what they called it. Actually, traditional morality was denounced, demonized, and ignored, so it's no wonder many of us are lucky not to be dead in a ditch. Again, never mind the youngsters, who have been marinated in Marxism, progressivism, feminism, and Hugh-Hefnerism.

And so we come to Spring Break. Or, rather, Gavin McInnes does. Me, the closest I've ever been to Spring Break was an NCO club at Ft. Bragg. At Takimag, Gavin writes:

Six Stupid Things Adults Believe About Spring Break

I got in a “teensy” bit of trouble last week for saying you should be more worried about your daughters attending Spring Break than your sons. The quotes that got yanked into the blogosphere ranged from the relatively tame “It’s called different genitalia!” to the incendiary “these women are human garbage whose parents don’t love them.” Jon Stewart called my feelings “sexist.” Unfortunately, TV news is a medium where you only get a few seconds to yell out your point, and very few people got my message right. Nobody’s saying Spring Break should be banned or even that it can be stopped. We’re saying today’s Spring Break is worlds away from what you experienced. Here are half a dozen misconceptions about the holiday.


Back when I was trying to get laid, it could take an entire night of courting to get to touch the edge of one tit. Today’s kids grew up with unlimited adult porn, and any 15-year-old who isn’t willing to do anal on the first date is considered a prude. I spoke to some of the film crew who went down to film the proceedings for Fox (something the smug pundits at The Daily Show couldn’t be bothered to do). They told me about episodes of decadence they couldn’t show or even describe on air—the most disturbing of which was when a heavy-set girl stood on a box with her hands on her knees as passers-by randomly fingered her vagina and anus. This reminds me of what happened to Lara Logan in Egypt, but with full consent. Do you remember this happening at your Spring Break?
“There is free pussy being handed out by blind drunk women. As a father, I find this very unromantic when it comes to young boys, and virtually unthinkable when it comes to young girls. How is that controversial?”


Everyone knows rape is bad, but when thousands of people gather to get blackout drunk, permission becomes a gray area. I have no problem with threesomes and orgies and liquor. There’s nothing wrong with nudity. Take your tops off, ladies. There’s nothing wrong with being adored by groups of young suitors. This isn’t that. This is a polluted bachelor party dipped in Rohypnol. I’ve been to plenty of decadent parties where sex and drugs were everywhere but all intercourse was completely devoid of legal ambiguity. Most courts wouldn’t know who to charge when it comes to modern Spring Break sex. Neither party even remembers it.
So, to talk about good parenting and instilling values is naïve. Think of all the remarkably stupid things you did at 20. Now dip that in prescription drugs like Adderall (legal speed), Oxy (legal heroin), and a world completely devoid of values.


A common reaction I got for saying that I’d rather have my sons there than my daughter was, “Well, it’s your sons doing the raping!” These people were forgetting what law enforcement officials call the “100 milers.” These are rapists and thieves from the surrounding areas who descend on the town to prey on the drunk, rich, and weak. I spoke to one brainwashed liberal who told me “100 milers” was code for “black.” So? There are also the 40-somethings who come from New York and wait until teenage girls get too drunk to notice they’re with someone who looks like their dad’s friend. Before getting into some Ivory Tower conversation about how we’re all responsible and these are the same boys who will marry your daughter one day, try to focus on this new demographic of parasites who have poisoned the party well.
(Read the other three HERE.)

Quibcag: The inebriated girl is from Safebooru.

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