Thursday, April 17, 2014

Riots in Lake Wobegon? — You Betcha!

I watched part of the new Fargo TV series this week. Never again. The movie was stomach-turning, and I tried the TV show only because Martin Freeman was in in, and I hoped they'd tone it down for television. They didn't. Never again. I mention this because this "Fargo" franchise could lead viewers to think of all those Scandinavians up there as an especially violent bunch, which they aren't. Now, the Vikings were rambunctious, certainly, but the Scandinavians today, back home in Europe and here, are an awfully peaceful bunch. So peaceful, that the egregious Garrison Kelior, or however you spell his dopey name, has made a good living making fun of them, and none of them has knocked his block off. My theory is that the really aggressive Scandinavians, starting several centuries ago, left Scandinavia and conquered Britain, Russia, parts of Africa, etc., and settled down to be aristocrats, leaving the nice guys back home, and the nice guys became the ancestors of today's Scandinavians. And when you hear that Minnesota-and-environs accent (even Sarah Palin has a touch of it), you feel fairly safe, and don't expect to be attacked.

But that's all changing. No longer is that area dull and peaceful and boring. No, they haven't somehow made the native Wobegonians violent, because that seems impossible. So they've done the next best thing, and imported the most non-Scandinavian, violent people they could find, so much so that DailyKenn announces that:

Minneapolis creates Somali American Day

Culture clash:

It's called cultural displacement.

It occurs when one people group migrate in forcing another out. The new people group displaces the cultural of the old.

Icons and traditions of the previous cultural are displaced by those of the new arrivals.

Blacks from sub-Saharan Africa are being brought to America. Many are settling in the Minneapolis area. As Somalis garner political clout, they change the culture. Among the changes is a decision by the city council to set aside July 1 to honor Somali immigrants as a specific people group.

Black-Somali-Americans and Black-American-Americans
fight each other in a Minneapolis high school riot. 
From our source we read:

The Minneapolis City Council voted Friday to mark July 1 as “Somali American day” in the city, which is home to many immigrants from the east African country.

The date holds significance among Somalis, who celebrate independence day on July 1 both in Somalia and the United States diaspora.

Abdi Warsame, the first Somali-American on the Minneapolis City Council, praised the resolution at a council meeting on Friday. A gathering of Somali-American men were in attendance.

“This is a very important resolution for me,” Warsame said. “And it actually came from the elders and the community leaders who wanted to highlight the contributions, the culture, the values of the Somali-American community, which is a large and growing population in the city of Minneapolis.”

The July 1 independence day commemorates when the Somali Republic was created by uniting two territories previously controlled by Italy and Britain.
Cultural displacement is occurring throughout the Eurosphere -- by design.

Cultural end economic Marxism favors such displacement because the new arrivals tend to support the Marxist agenda.

We see it throughout history.

People groups migrate from one area to another. Sometimes the change is positive.

When Europeans migrated to the Americas they brought with them advanced technology. Their knowledge of healthcare, alone, saved the lives of millions of Indians. Europeans also brought education. They also ended thousands of years of bloody inter-tribal warfare.

The innovative talents of white people, coupled with free markets, provided fertile ground for the rapid expansion of technology that continues to enhance all people groups throughout the world.

However, the cultural contribution of Africans to America is limited, primarily, to some sports and the Motown music genre. Individuals of African descent, such as Dr. Ben Carson and Lonnie Johnson --who invented the Super Soaker water gun -- have also made contributions as have a number of black conservatives.

While these contributions should not be discarded, we must also be objective in noting the 52.2% of homicides in America are attributed to persons of African descent, nearly all by black males aged 18 to 49 who comprise about three percent of the population.

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  1. Have to disagree on the Fargo TV series. After seeing the previews I gave it a shot as it is so lacking in diversity. This goes for almost all of the series on the FX/FXX networks, their getting to be about the only shows I watch anymore. The Americans, Justified, The Bridge and a couple others I can't think of right now are about the closest we're ever going to get to white people TV anymore (made in the USA anyway). Make the Scandinavians the baddies if it means keeping away the diversity that swamps every other show!

  2. Sorry, last post was from me, Lewis33. Keep up the good work!

  3. "highlighting the contributions","of somali-american people"
    I LOL'd there.