Sunday, April 27, 2014

Quibcag Archive

We've done quite a few quibcags here. I say we, because Baloo actually makes them, while I help him think them up. Anyhow, readers have asked if they can use them, and the answer is "of course." And sometimes they remember one and ask me to tell them where to find it, and so many have been done by now that they're hard to find. Well, I've begun a Quibcag Archive, all the way to the bottom on the sidebar there. They're more or less in order of the name of the person quoted, and that's all the sorting I seem to be able to do.

So a request:

Can any computer-savvy readers out there do a searchable archive of quibcags for us?  Like, arranged by author, subject, category, maybe even by illustration origin? On this site, or one of Baloo's sites, or on your own site? Or any other way that would be useful? Or, failing that, make suggestions as to how we can do that, within Blogger or elsewhere? I see these showing up, along with other memes, on Facebook and other media, and at least some people are finding them very handy to make points with, and, if we say so ourselves, they are more attractive and eye-catching that the usual graphic memes.

1 comment:

  1. A public archive could easily be done on Wordpress by simply making x posts, where x=total number of quibcags.

    Each post could be tagged.

    However, this would require considerable data entry. I don't know of any quick and easy way to do it.

    However, since you already have a blogspot blog, you might just discover a way to put tags on blogspot posts.

    Similarly, you could manually post and tag with tumblr, etc. I am not an expert in tumblr so I don't know whether this would be easier than blogspot.