Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Putin For President Revised And Extended

L. Neil Smith tells me that I've left out one of Putin's strongest issues on his poster, so I've added it at the end, here.

As I said before, this all started out as a joke poster, meant mainly to contrast Putin not only with Obama, but with all of our recent Presidents and Presidential hopefuls, who seem to be running for Nice Guy of the World instead of President of the United States. I'm no expert, and I defer to the people on the ground there, but it really seems to me that Putin is an actual patriotic Russian, and that his policies are at least aimed towards taking care of his own country instead of performing good works for all the other countries in the world.

Caveat: I'm not saying that American foreign policy actually does benefit other countries, merely that it's presented as such, and we're told that it's our duty to "help" Libya and Ukraine and Georgia and Israel and Iraq and and and. In practice, most of this help just screws up other countries, which are bumbling along as best they can.

Obama brags about removing Qadhafi or however you spell it, who was certainly a jerk, but he was at least a stable jerk, running a country that really can't be run like a New England town meeting, and now he's been replaced by a combination of chaos and Al Qaeda, as near as I can determine. Ditto with Bush and Iraq. And I don't think the mess in either place is actually good for American interests — do you?

In contrast, Putin seems to be concerned mainly with Russia and places that border on it, like Ukraine and Georgia. He's clamped down on the Chechens, who really seem to need to be clamped down on, while we give them visas and refugee status, so they can blow up the Boston Marathon and do other violent things. And he seems to be concerned with Russians, in Russia and Ukraine and other places, while we're concerned with anybody on Earth who isn't American, above all, and either send them all money or invite them to come here and go on welfare, like Aunt Zeituni and Uncle Omar. It's hard to visualize Putin doing that.

So this isn't a case of being pro-Russian or pro-Putin, but just wishing that we had a pro-American leader in his image. We really haven't since Coolidge, at least, who seemed to put American interests first, while all his successors seem to be obsessed with the fate of Muslim Kosovars and Poland and South Vietnamese and a bunch of other people who couldn't care less about us.

Well, enough serious stuff. The poster has been revised to include reference to Alina Maratovna Kabaeva (Russian: Али́на Мара́товна Каба́ева; Tatar: Älinä Marat qızı Qabayeva, Әлинә Мараткызы Кабаева), who you can read about HERE, She fits right in with Natalia Poklonskaya, while her American counterparts are the likes of Valerie Jarrett and Sonia Sotomayor. Not that I think Obama has them as mistresses or anything. The word on the street in ChiTown is that he doesn't swing that way. Well, at least he's inclusive of everybody but regular Americans. Urp.


  1. I'm not sure if he landed her when she was younger and cuter, but I think more recent pics show her to be... a bit more ... filled-out. Like she went from gymnast to softball pitcher. Still, orders of magnitude better than Fulotus over here.

  2. I've heard that Putin was seeing some ex gymnast but I never seen pictures of her before. Good God! Especially that first pic in the furs.

    Now I'm even more envious of the Russians. Why can't I have a leader like Putin.