Thursday, April 17, 2014

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloomberg

A. X. Perez doesn't say much, but when he does say something, it's always worth listening to, and today he discusses Lenin-wannabe Michael "Mountain of Flowers" Bloomberg and his plans to disarm everybody except his bodyguard. The "small minority" Bloomie talks about would of course rapidly expand to include all of us who don't have pals in the ruling class, and if you don't believe that, you haven't been paying attention to politics since the King of Sumer got caught awarding irrigation contracts to his brother-in-law. This is scheduled to appear in The Libertarian Enterprise, but because it's so timely, I'm putting it out there now:

According to "Today News":

Former Mayor Bloomberg says he won't run for President. Undoubtedly
few hearts are broken by this. He is also donating $50 million to Everytown
against Gun Violence, his latest anti-gun front group. I will give him props
for using his own money, but i'm sure he and his supporters will find a way
to tap into public funds (our tax money) soon enough. 

Apparently EGV intends to reach out to women, and includes a group called
Moms Demand Action. This group apparently is working from the premise that
mothers should support gun control to protect their kids. Of course we all know that
more and more women are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment Rights
in order to protect their families. 

I am puzzled how groups that claim to seek to empower women encourage them to
embrace the false security of being disarmed and relying on others to defend
them. It will be interesting to see if women find packing heat or giving up their
right to own the tools of self defense more empowering.

Finally Former Mayor Bloomberg claims he does not want to disarm honest people who 
want guns for sport and self defense, but only wants to keep guns from the small
minority who should not have them. What a peach, he donated fifty meg to promote
denying himself gun ownership.

                                                                    A. X. Perez
News story here:
Quibcag: I found the empowered girl on the net, but can't determine her provenance. Hold the presses! Rightwingotaku ( informs me that the girl is Ciel from the Visual Novel series Tsukihime by Type/Moon, the people who made the Fate series:


  1. Why would he run for President when he already thinks he's God?

    Any squaking from the left about the outsized influence of billionaires on politics?

  2. I also find it funny that EGV had its name pulled from em in the social media sphere when a bunch of gun rights activist opened a facebook page which advocates gun safety rather than gun control.

    And the one featured in the quibbage looked familiar to me but I couldn't remember why, so with a bit of snooping, the girl is Ciel from the Visual Novel series Tsukihime by Type/Moon, the people who made the Fate series.

    No wonder why I didn't recognize her immediately. I sucked at Melty Blood (the spinoff fighting game).


  3. And I think the net ate my post. Long story short, girl is Ciel from Tsukihime, a adult visual novel that got spun off to an Anime and Fighting Game.

    And also lol'd at the fact some gun-rights activists pulled the rug from his newest gun group's feet and established a facebook page advocating for gun safety and rights rather than control and confiscation.

  4. And then there were four.
    In this corner, we have Clinton, the token female candidate with no reedeming qualities.
    In this corner, we have Sanders, who is a populist caniddate soely because of free bies.
    In this corner, we have O'Malley, who noobody's heard of.
    And in this corner, we have Webb, who deserves to be the nominee but has no chance of being so.
    This looks like anybody but Webb's game because the DNC would rather put O'Malley first and lose the election than nominate anybody with a sense of decency.