Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Should White people have an identarian religion? A lot of people do. Christianity has come to be universalist, but does it have to be? A lot of people think so, and Lord knows most versions of Christianity are very universalist, falling all over themselves to convert everybody in the world, adopt their children, and marry them. I've known plenty of manifestations of this tendency, which is about the most self-destructive thing I can think of. It reminds me of the cowbird, which is a brood parasite. That means that their survival strategy is, to put it simply, to lay their eggs in other birds's nests, and let them raise the kids, while the cowbirds party. Now, the thing is, they fool the other birds, who don't know any better. The victim birds don't volunteer for this. They think they're raising their own kids. Christians, though, and of course other varieties of White Westerners do volunteer, flying off to Haiti or Africa to find somebody to adopt, in imitation of beloved film stars who do the same thing. And less directly, they welcome grownup birds to immigrate into our collective nest, to be cared for and nourished so they can replace us. A groovy reproductive strategy for cowbirds, not so groovy for all the other birds.

Well, what with all the italics, I'm obviously worked up about this, so much that I forgot to mention that there are indeed identarian religions out there — Shinto, Judaism, and the remnants of Zoroastrianism, mainly found in India and called "Parsis." So it wouldn't be all that weird if we went identarian, either via modifying Christianity or reviving Paganism. This is discussed at length over at Occam's Razor, here:
BTW, I'm going to start, for the most part, leaving full links like this one, because some people evidently don't notice when I link a word or phrase.


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  2. You have a good idea here. I have been trying to develop something similar.

    If interested check out my sites: - which is seeking to develop a monistic faith that encompasses elements of what the ancient heathen religion may have become and elements of Christianity - sort of what might have happened if Christianity were less doctrinaire.

    My second site is trying something similar but from a more traditional and orthodox Christian perspective.


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    I am trying to develop something along these lines;


  4. It is not beneficial to Christianity for Western civilization to be overturned. This is not difficult to understand.