Friday, April 18, 2014


Air is free, and that's about it. Everything else that people consume is something that people produce, one way or the other. And anything you get "free" was produced by somebody out there, individually or collectively. We all know (I hope) that we pay for "free refills," because the cost of them is included in the price of the drink or the meal. They're free only in the sense that they're included, and not charged for separately. That's also true of the ketchup and salt, and other "extra" stuff. So you really don't think that the mustard is bestowed on you by a philanthropist.

But there's also free stuff that doesn't seem to be included in anything you pay for, like welfare and other subsidies. This is confused by the fact that a lot of this "free" stuff that we get we already paid for through taxes, like Medicare and Social Security. But a lot of the free stuff, like Obamacare, is explicitly not paid for by its recipients, but by non-recipients. The people who get the welfare-type things are, by definition almost, not able to pay for it, so people who don't qualify for it are the ones who pay for it. And the ones who qualify for all this free (to them) stuff are voters. They shouldn't be, of course, because their only concern when they cast their vote is how to get more free stuff.

And that's the problem in a nutshell. When Obama says Obamacare is working, that's what he means. People are getting free stuff, and the rest of us are paying for it. To a liberal, that's "working."


  1. I am of the rather naive and humble opinion that something free should be few and far between, as to let its value grow. Something that you believe should be free must be worked for, in order to truly appreciate the value.

    It took me 6 long years of aborted starts and stops to finally buy a 450USD pistol. It took a loan and on-time payments for me to finally assemble my first computer. It was the trust my parents saw over the years, as I meticulously cared for several of our raggedy cars to finally think "he can buy his own car".

    Free things are...worthless to me. It's a nice gesture if used properly, but free healthcare? What's the point of keeping your body healthy and staying with a job? Free college? What the hell, where is the sacrifice one is willing to spend 4 or mroe years studying a subject for a future career? And birth control. It cheapens the decision to use or not to use it. To see if you just want a night of fu or if you want to try and bring a new life into the world.

    Free things is good, but only in small, uncommon amounts. Free things handed willy-nilly cheapens the value to the point I would rather eat mud than be handed a free apple pie every time I wanted it and not when, say, I worked for it.

    I at least took the time and effort to find some good mud.