Monday, April 28, 2014

Feminists: Do not read this post. It might hurt your feelings.

In his blog, Uncle Bob's Treehouse, Bob Wallace is an inspiration to all us cranky old right-wing bloggers. See HERE. It's an understatement to say he's prolific. He does as many posts as I do, at least, but a lot of my posts, like this one, are partial or complete reprints, with a little commentary of my own. Bob's stuff is probably 95% original, and almost always startlingly iconoclastic. He's all over the map, skeptical about everything, and, Mencken-like, he sees through ritual and feel-good conventional wisdom to write about what is, not what ought to be. In this piece, he initally reacts to a particularly idiotic piece of feminist/liberal blather going around the net about "rape culture" and, especially ditzy, "men should be taught not to rape." The first time I came across it, I wondered if it should be done with Powerpoint, or maybe just let the Muppets try to handle it. And here I'll paraphrase Limbaugh to say that the first remedial student should be Bill Clinton. And I'll segue with this:

Warning: Some ditzy feminists may be offended by the following essay:

"Women Should Be Taught Not To Murder Their Babies"

I have for many years thought that liberals can't think, just imitate and memorize bad ideas.I was once told by a woman not too long ago, "Men should be taught not to rape." I did not ask, but suspected she also believed in "rape culture." (I once mentioned to a goofy-brained liberal woman that the only "rape culture" that existed was among blacks, and that about 36,000 white women a year were sexually assaulted by blacks and 0-10 black women by sexually assaulted by white men. That was a fun time.)

So I decided to have some fun with this foolish woman. Here is what I said:

"Women should be taught not to murder their babies."

I knew what the response would be, and I got it:

"Abortion is none of your business!"

Me: "I didn't say abortion, did I?"

Here is where her brains froze, so I pressed on: "Ninety-eight percent of newborns who are murdered in their first week of life are murdered by their mothers."

I got the Denial of Reality that is one of the main characteristics of liberals

"I don't believe that!"

"That's because liberals are like the Cowardly Lion. If you say, 'I wish! I wish!' long and hard enough you think reality changes. If you don't believe what I said, Google it. You're not my kid and I didn't take you to raise. You can do it on your own. You're all grown up, aren't you?"

According to the Center for Disease Control: "Among homicides during the first week of life, 82.6 percent occurred on the day of birth, 9.2 percent on the second day, and 8.2 percent during the remainder of the week...infant homicide [is] probably under-reported."

There is more weirdness involved: "The second highest peak in risk for infant homicide occurs during the eighth week of life and may be due to a caregiver's reaction to an infant's persistent crying. Infant crying duration peaks at six to eight weeks of age."

Don't cry, babies! Your mother just might rub you out!

On a related note, when you look at the distilled wisdom of the human race - folk tales - you'll find children/young women who are the objects of attempted murder by women (in their case, unrelated woman). Take a look at "Hansel and Gretel" ..."Cinderella"..."Sleeping Beauty." In the last two stories, the cruelty was done out of envy.

Now why is it we never hear about any of this? We hear about how women are supposed to be underpaid compared to men (they're not), and this and that and ban bossy, but not a peep about what women do to their infants.

I have always considered women worse than men. Think the myths about Eve and Pandora.
Liberals would rather live in their silly fantasy worlds where they are innocent and self-righteous and everyone else is guilty and evil.

Men in the past never allowed women to vote, because they understood what they would do to society. That is, destroy it. Like annihilating the next generation.

One other thing - you're more likely to be murdered in your first few weeks of life than for the rest of your life. After all, babies can't fight back.
Quibcag:  The girl, I believe, is Rin from Fate/stay night (フェイト/ステイナイト Feito/sutei naito)

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  1. "men should be taught not to rape."
    sounds like a job for Graciela Casillas (Female Professional fighter and knife fighting instructor). ( I'm or sge can teach women to defend themselves. Or both.