Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coolidge Update

More on Calvin Coolidge, our last good President, from Stephen W. Browne:

Why don't we know more about "Silent Cal"?
In 11th century Norway there was a king called Harald Hardrada, meaning "Harald Hard-council" or perhaps just "Harald the Ruthless." Seven feet tall he was. Served in the Varangian Guard of the Byzantine Empire. Succeeded to the throne or Norway. Fought 20 years to unite the kingdoms of Norway and Denmark.
He died at the Battle of Stamford Bridge while trying to conquer England. But the effort of the Saxon King Harald Godwinson to march up to defeat Harald Hardrada certainly contributed to his defeat mere weeks later at the Battle of Hastings, 1066.
Harald Hardrada bankrupted his kingdom and the Kingdom of Denmark. He trampled on the rights of the freeholders of Norway, and ruined a rather promising Saxon kingdom of England.
His son Olaf waged no wars, ruled justly, and respected the liberties of the Norwegian freeholders.
Harald had sagas written about him.
His son had no sagas written and comes down in history to us as "Olaf the Quiet."

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  1. Calvin Coolidge was the last President to sign legislation that reduced legal immigration and enacted national origin requirements of what legal immigration was allowed.

    Ninety years ago.

    Yeah, it's been a long time.