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Cliven Bundy Proved Guilty of Whiteness

I almost never do, but last night I happened to listen to that steaming pile of political correctness, Bill O'Reilly. He was flinging faux-conservative dung at Cliven Bundy, along with all his buddies, some of whom are a little more honest about being left-wing slimeballs. O'Reilly, a poodle in pit bull's clothing, has never seen a liberal position he's not ready to cave in to after a short period of pro forma conservative-sounding blather. He took the position that Bundy was "ignorant," evidently meaning that he doesn't spend half his time checking with the elite pundits like him to see what the current acceptable terminology is for any and all sacred minority groups. As I showed in an earlier post HERE, only a fool or a liar could construe anything Bundy has said as "racist," no matter how broad one's definition.

But to hell with O'Reilly. He's a pissant.

Cliven Bundy isn't Black, or Hispanic, or LGBT, or a latté-swilling White liberal either. Therefore, he's pure evil, and it really doesn't matter what he does or says. He's the enemy of the MAG (Media, Academia, Government). Not only is he an old White guy, he's a productive White guy, who isn't at the Government teat. On the contrary, the controversy is about his failing to give the Government a little more of his money so it can build turtle sanctuaries, or something. And if that issue wasn't available, the MAG would find another reason to condemn him, demonize him, and slaughter a few of his cattle, à la Waco, just to show that they can do it and get away with it.

It's about identity. You'll notice that Bundy's benign attitude towards illegal aliens isn't nearly enough to absolve him of the sin of Whiteness. Make no mistake — all of this is about wiping Whites out, politically, economically, and, finally, biologically, to make room for the Brave New World of no borders, no standard, and the ultimate supremacy of Wall Street.

I'm beginning to rant again. Read what Gregory Hood has to say at Counter-Currents:

Waking Up From the American Dream
Fear of a White Rancher

Multiculturalism is the state ideology of the System – and you will be made to agree. Even a sadly conventional old rancher protecting his cattle has become an Enemy of the People, as no one will be permitted to escape the Empire of Diversity. 
The rekindling of the “sagebrush rebellion” is an instructive guide to the contemporary Culture Wars, as neither side is talking about what is actually at stake. The Right is mumbling vaguely about the Constitution. The Left is screeching about the Rule of Law. Neither of these things matter in our system of government.
As always, this is a battle about identity. As usual, once they make their initial ideological claim, the Left quickly admits the primal tribal (or should that be Tribal?) impulse behind their motivations, while American conservatism takes solace in misleading rhetoric so they don’t have to admit they are on the same side as rural white people.
The issue started when one Cliven Bundy of Nevada refused to pay fees that would allow his cattle to graze on land adjacent to federal land. As a result, the Bureau of Land Management moved to seize his cattle. Though Bundy is clinging to the view that the “sovereign state of Nevada” and not the federal government owns the land, it seems clear that Bundy is in the legal wrong and simply does not want to give up his cattle.
But the law is an ass. And it’s more complicated than that. While Bundy and other ranchers once enjoyed free grazing on the land, the federal government is slowly squeezing ranchers ostensibly in the name of “protecting” federal holdings and the environment. In Bundy’s case, his family’s doom was sealed because of a tortoise. The Bureau of Land Management ruled that Bundy would have to pay a fee for each head of cattle in response to a native tortoise being listed under the Endangered Species Act. Bundy did not pay, and legal battles resulted, which Bundy of course had no chance to win.
The same federal government which can’t pay for body armor for American soldiers or a simple fence at the American border did manage to find helicopters and advanced surveillance to keep track of exactly how much cattle Bundy had assembled. When the BLM moved in, they tasered Bundy’s son, sicced snipers and police dogs on citizens, and barricaded protesters in a “First Amendment Zone” similar to those set up to cordon off conservatives on college campuses.
The BLM also began confiscating Bundy’s cattle, though it denied that it was killing them. We now know that was a lie and that the animals were being slaughtered. The BLM backed down in the face of citizen opposition – including militias – and the media on the East and Left Coasts began screeching about “thuggery.” Of course, they didn’t mean the people pointing guns at ranchers – they meant the citizens who came to protest it.
The reaction of the System’s media and its obedient followers is an illuminating guide to the precarious physical security of the historic American nation in the Age of Obama. For a fun experiment, check out the comments section of the likes of the Huffington Postwhenever there’s a tornado or flood in a Red State and enjoy the pure vitriol and death threats made against white Americans. For that matter, check out the comments section anytime a conservative has a child. Of course these people want to kill us. Of course they would celebrate if the BLM simply opened up on the crowd. Trayvon Martin will be honored in the degenerate churches across the continent, but who will mourn for productive citizens except “racists?”
And the media did not disappoint this time. Ryan Cooper at The Week was relatively restrained in his dismissal of “some kook and his pack of assault rifle-wielding thugs.”, featuring the usual stable of anti-white bigots doing their best to make Julius Streicher look like Wendell Berry, is ululating with a never ending series of articlesconcern-trolling about “violence” – as if the government hasn’t already unleashed it. They are also explicitly arguing that the BLM needs use more regulation to drive out the ranchers, not less.
Among them are liberal creationist Amanda Marcotte, who connected the issue to her “right” to have others pay for her birth control, not surprisingly considering her hatred of children (a blessing if it ensures she remains an evolutionary dead end). And of course, there is the usual librage against “angry old white men” who dare disobey the multiculturalAdministratum and think they can “disobey the law.” A Heather Digby Parton desperately screeches that she’s still cool and sneers that conservatives “never had a day of sheer, joyful fun in their sad, unimaginative lives.” One can only say that the tragic spectacle of a withered Lefty crone having flashbacks about Woodstock because it was the last time she received male attention is sufficient in itself to discredit everything she’s ever said.
The Southern Poverty Law Center is continuing its mission creep by flailing about Bundy. It’s tempting to ask why an organization ostensibly dedicated to fighting “hate” should care one way or the other about whether some rancher gets to keep his cows. But as the Family Research Council, the Foundation for American Immigration Reform, “pick up artists” who teach men to approach women, Senator Rand Paul, and The Lord of the Rings are all apparently threats to the System these days, it’s no surprise that the SPLC is shrieking about “extremists” in the West, and Mark Potok has been brought on MSNBC to read his press releases about “imminent bloodshed” “entirely provoked” by Bundy and his supporters.
(Read the rest HERE.)
Quibcag: Again, not exactly a quibcag. This isn't an appropriate quote for something cute. Instead, I used a picture of a Yakuza thug that I found HERE.

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  1. Bill O'Reilly is also a chicken hawk, when he was of draft or enlistment age, he remained a civilian.

    My new rule, if they have a show on TV, regardless of political label, they're going to be full of shit.