Friday, April 18, 2014


One thing Darwin and the God of the Bible agree on: Be fruitful and multiply. That's how a species survives. Or a subspecies, a race, a nation, or a family. Recruitment works for some things, like religions or political movements, but recruitment is almost always just a supplement to good old biological reproduction. If you've noticed, the Muslims who say they'll overwhelm the West don't intend to do it by converting people to Islam. Oh, they're still glad to do that, but their plans are based on immigration and reproduction. The conversions will take place by force after the overwhelming is complete. The native Westerners, you see, have been convinced that reproduction is at best a hobby, and at worst some evil habit that's hard on the environment. So for the past few generations, what there's been of them, the idea of actually replacing oneself with children who will grow up and do likewise has become rather distasteful, and an impediment to far more groovy pursuits, like the whole feminist program, hedonism, and nihilism. If one has to reproduce, the recommended method is single motherhood, a strategy almost as fatal as no reproduction at all. And it's also popular to fly to African and buy a kid, to save him the bother of immigrating later.

If you've ever done any genealogy, you were no doubt surprised to find out how many second and third and more cousins you've got, and how your great-grandmother had seven, or eleven, or fourteen children. She didn't get to go to VMI, or participate in slutwalks, but she was pretty well fulfilled anyway, somehow. And her DNA is spread all over the place. So many of our modern career girls have gone a long way, baby, but with no baby. Gavin MacInnes deplores this situation at TakiMag:

Feminist Fallout: A Roll Call of Regrets

by Gavin McInnes

Most women would be happier at home raising a family, and many are just going through the motions by choosing careers. There. I said it. I didn’t say women can’t have careers and they’re not capable of anything more. I happen to think housewife is a pretty noble profession. However, if you don’t scream “Anything men can do women can do better” you’re a sexist pig. Modern feminism has become fascism and it’s making women miserable. When a doctor tells his patients that the hourglass of a woman’s ovaries is turned upside down at 30 and is all but drained by 35, he (or she, you sexist pig) is called a sexist pig. The anecdotal evidence of the aunt who had twins at 43 apparently wipes out centuries of biology.

Listen, you stupid bitches, nobody has problems with the driven career woman who has it all. We all respect ballbusters like Barbara Corcoran, but it’s worth noting that even she had to wrestle Mother Nature. She spent $146,000 making kids happen in her late 40s. When you say it’s sad that women are choosing dogs over children, you’re told the world is overpopulated and the end of breeding is a good thing. That’s not what I see. When I scroll through the women in my address book, I see almost nothing but regret. Only 10% of women have more kids than they want, but it seems like only 10% of my friends even tried to have kids. Here’s a list of all the women I know who did (names changed to protect the innocent).

Deborah is in her early 40s and just had a miscarriage. After waiting for Mr. Right well into her late 30s, she dumped her boyfriend and decided to become a single mom. He panicked and proposed and now they have a kid. This is pretty much the only way a woman in New York can have a family. She has to marriage rape her boyfriend.

Carla was in the same boat and marriage raped her boyfriend at 39. She had a kid but I doubt they’ll be having any more. This is a shame because they’re both great parents.

Alexander finally proposed to Susan when she was in her late 30s. They had one kid but won’t be having any more because they waited too long. Alex tells me he deeply regrets this and I suspect Susan feels the same way.

Darrell and Cathy had a kid when she was in her mid-30s and spent the next five years discussing whether they should have a second. By the time they decided to have another, it was too late. After spending thousands on fertility drugs, they gave up and adopted. They adore their adopted child but it’s obviously not an ideal scenario.

Andy and Joan spent a ton of money on fertility drugs because they waited until Joan was in her late 30s before having kids. Andy couldn’t come to my wedding because he was told flying is bad for your sperm. After emptying their savings account, they gave up and adopted two kids. They love their kids the same as we all do but again, not ideal.

I grew up with Mike and Sherri and we all agreed having kids was negligent because of overpopulation. By the time we realized it’s about quality not quantity, they were already in their 40s. Sherri spent over ten thousand dollars on fertility drugs and it worked. After a few miscarriages, they made three healthy kids. (It’s worth noting that many of these fertility drugs give you quintuplets in the womb and then the majority die, which is why you see so many twins floating around these days.)

They worry their age put their children on the spectrum but besides that, they essentially dodged a bullet. Unfortunately, Mike is over 50 now and needs “Dadderall” to keep up.
And the rest of the article is here:
Quibcag: Again I don't know where the illustration came from, but it's a nice family and a lesson to us all.


  1. The top quibcag is from one of the Fate/Stay series.

    1. The second image is from Sket Dance.

  2. I have always said that people who object to "furriners" taking over should form stable heterosexual marriages and fuck like bunnies when the female partners are ovulating while refraining from using birth control.

  3. Meh, once Darwin's finches go under and that pan-European revolution takes place -- fueled by a genuine instinct for self preservation rather than hot air -- the genome has been mapped and we have the cloning technology to repopulate all of Europe's peoples and ethnicities. They'll simply be risen from the grave using genetic sampling from personal effects or even exhuming bodies and so fourth.

    Sweden only 10% Swedish in 2114? No problem. Just flood them with an endless supply of NuSwedes(TM) straight off the factory line. All of them taught to be totally proud of who they are in their own confirmation of identity.

    Then whoever is occupying European living spaces will wish they weren't. There's always a bigger fish and they're not it. They're just the sad sacks that have to wait for left overs when the west temporarily contracts for a century or so due to overabundance and myopia.

    1. Nice idea but don't you think we'll need an army of white men to both operate the science and make sure nobody else messes it up, at least until the population is under control?

  4. infertility treatments are expensive does gavin know 20 or more women who make over 200,000 dollars a year. You're a fool if you think this cretin didn't make up these examples and besides who cares how old you are at your daughters graduation according to him woman shouldn't be going to college anyways. any woman who is friends with gavin is not actually the type who should be profilic breeders anyways.