Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Sterling Fellow

This is a bit of a catch-all. Right now the news is dominated by liberals gleefully screeching "racist" at Cliven Bundy and Donald T. Sterling. Despite the surface similarity, it's hard to imaging two more distinctly different men. My support for and esteem of Cliven Bundy is rock-solid. This is a productive, decent man who was in the wrong place (land Harry Reid wants to sell to China, evidently) at the wrong time (the Obama administration), and who has been picked for sacrifice. Donald T. Sterling, on the other hand, would seem to be a slimeball who is under attack by rival slimeballs. See Steve Sailer's Blog for theories about just how that's working.

So while I wish the best for Bundy, I feel differently about Sterling. Whatever punishment the NBA or whoever comes up with for him, I will happily regard it not as punishment for his comical blather on his phone, but for all the money he's poured into the downright evil NAACP over the years. Whatever it is, it will serve him right, for that reason and related ones.

And, as an aside, Bundy is of course one of the worst things imaginable — a White, non-liberal non-Northeasterner, non-metrosexual.  An "ignorant redneck," as he's been characterized all over the net. They're not calling Sterling that, of course, although the MAG is hoping we'll think of him that way. No, he's no redneck. He's actually Donald Tokowitz, not a hillbilly country boy at all, but a nice Jewish boy from Chicago, who grew up in L. A.  You can read about him HERE. That sort of accounts for the resemblance in the graphic. Do you have them sorted out yet?

You know who else he reminds me of? Same ethnicity, same sleaze, same attitude, same smell....Yeah!


  1. Is that actor some sort of extreme leftist activist? I've seen him before in The Sopranos and other things but I was curious why you use him in this case. Best wishes, Lewis33. P.S. I also get a little bit of glee whenever you use J. Streicher's picture like you did in a previous post...always hoping people wiki him and go WTF? We hung him for what?

    1. I use him because his Hesh character from "Sopranos" seems very much like Sterling, as I've read about him lately.

      We hanged Streicher for publishing the "National Lampoon" of the 3d Reich :)