Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Would Torquemada Do?

There are and have been a lot of weird, screwy religions out there. There are the Yazidi, for example, who evidently literally worship Satan, but in a nice way, not like Aleister Crowley, and the devotees of Juggernaut who allegedly let their god roll over them in a sort of steamroller, as in animated cartoons. Then we have the Scientologists, like Tom Cruise and Greta van Susteren, who believe that:

75 million years ago Xenu brought billions of people to Earth in spacecraft resembling Douglas DC-8 airliners, stacked them around volcanoes and detonated hydrogen bombs in the volcanoes. The thetans then clustered together, stuck to the bodies of the living, and continue to do this today. Scientologists at advanced levels place considerable emphasis on isolating body thetans and neutralizing their ill effects. (from Wikipedia)

And then we have the late Fred Phelps, civil-rights activist attorney and rather overenthusiastic critic of pederasty.

I could go on and on. Mormonism, an admirable faith in many ways, includes the belief that Noah sailed his ark from Missouri, where the Garden of Eden is located, and landed in the Middle East. And there's the rather icky religion, Santería, which may or may not be practiced in the White House by Obama's mother-in-law. Now I'm a Santeríaphobe.

But the kicker is Christian Zionism, an odd variant of Christianity wherein one is required to consider Jews as more worthy or something than Christians. I wrote about this some time back, when I learned that Michele Bachman held this belief. It seems to be linked to Dispensationalism somehow, which is equally screwy.

But some of the younger Christians whose elders are Christian Zionists are evidently having second thoughts. No, they're not switching their allegiance to Shintoists or the Druze, but deciding that a special devotion to Judaism doesn't really compute for a Christian.  At his site HERE, Vox Day writes:

May I suggest crying Holocaust?

Failing that, I'm sure this weakening support is nothing that a few judicious accusations of anti-semitism wouldn't cure:
Support for Israel is weakening among evangelical Christians, prompting a new struggle for the hearts and minds of younger members of America’s largest pro-Israel demographic group. While hard numbers are not available, evangelical leaders on both sides of the divide on Israel agree that members of the millennial generation do not share their parents’ passion for the Jewish state; many are seeking some form of evenhandedness when approaching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“What is happening is that the hard line of Christian Zionists was not successfully passed forward to the next generation, because it was based on theological themes that are now being questioned by younger evangelicals,” said David Gushee, professor of Christian ethics and director of the Center for Theology and Public Life at Mercer University in Atlanta.
I find it rather amusing that after decades of relentless Jewish attacks on evangelical Christianity, Jews are suddenly alarmed to discover that evangelical Christians are no longer reliably in their corner. How is this a surprise to anyone? They should be relieved that they haven't managed to convert evangelicals into open enemies despite their best efforts.

If Ha'aretz is worried now, perhaps they should have a look at Europe, where the post-Christians are openly anti-Israel. After coming to America, many Jewish immigrants foolishly elected to attack the primary factor that prompted America to give them refuge. Ah well, no worries, there is always China. Are we not reliably informed of the tremendous respect and affection the Han have for the Jewish people?

Upon reading the end of the article, it appears it is impossible to parody at least one of these organizations:

The group is also launching speaking tours on campuses, and intends to invest in videos and social media activity that will monitor Christian influencers and “confront them when they cross the line.”
Now that's going to work a treat. Nothing inspires love and affection like monitoring and confronting people.
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  1. One expects to see hyperlinks in a phrase like, "decades of relentless Jewish attacks on evangelical Christianity..." to help the reader discover the facts behind the assertion.

    I'm new to the discussions/ideas presented here and am unaware of Jewish attacks on Christians. To what are you referring, if you please?

  2. Expecting to be served up evidence of "decades of relentless Jewish attacks on evangelical Christianity..." on a silver platter when that evidence is blatantly all around you every day in the mass media, suggests dishonesty and/or mental laziness on your part, fellow anon. Do your own homework.

    Ex-Army: " There are the Yazidi, for example, who evidently literally worship Satan"....except that their "Satan" bears no resemblance to what we call "Satan". It isn't their fault that Judaism/Christianity/Islam came along later and developed a very different theological character under the same name.