Monday, March 17, 2014

Viral Putin Poster

Two things. First off, over there on the top right, I've included a gadget that you can use to translate this blog into a bunch of languages, including, surprisingly, Esperanto. And here's why:

Some time back, I was trying to emulate Jonathan Swift, and make a point through over-the-top satire, that our last few presidents, whatever their virtues, can't be said to be pro-American in any sense. They all want to allow illegal aliens to stay here. They all want to go into massive debt to obtain more money to waste. They all want to use our armed forces to interfere with other countries, often clearly against our national interest, for vague reasons that come down to helping other people, not Americans (Except for the plutocrats who make big money from such interference). It's not just us, either. The leaders of most Western countries seem to be working against their own national interests as well.

In contrast, we see the Russian government, headed by Vladimir Putin. Whatever Putin's non-virtues from our point of view, we have to admit that he's pro-Russian, and just about everything he does that we hear about comes down to him taking care of Russia, and never mind other countries. We might dislike his methods, but unless you're a flaky neocon or liberal, you have to admit that his efforts are aimed toward preserving Russia and the Russian people, at least in contras to the way our presidents behave. So I did a "Putin for President" (of the USA) poster HERE.

It sat there for quite some time, and then it suddenly went viral in Russia! From what I can tell, it first appeared on an Onion-type joke site in the US, which I can't locate right now, along with a fake story about an American petition drive for us to join the Russian federation. Apparently, some Russians saw it and took it seriously (the problem with joke sites. I've seen Onion quoted all over the place by people who believe their stories.), and referred to it on Russian sites, and Zap! It's all over the place there.

It would seem that Russia is feeling a little surge of patriotism, elated at getting the Crimea back (No matter what anybody else thinks, that's how they feel about it). Since our own President seems to be determined to turn the Southwest over to Mexico by permitting unlimited immigration from there, it's easy to understand how they feel. If Mexico took California back, I'd hope we'd support a president who tried to get it back. So, for the benefit of the Russians who've seen the satirical poster, here it is translated to Russian. And they can work the translation gadget above to translate this post, and see that the whole thing was a joke to begin with, but one of those Swiftian jokes that intend to convey truth behind the humor. So here it is:
If there are any flaws in the translation, do let me know.
The poster has been updated at this location:
Russia has Vladimir Putin, and we had Teddy Roosevelt, but that was a long time ago. (Sigh!)


  1. Tnx for support :) Poster is really nice. We have a proverb in Russia – “Every joke has a part of truth inside”. So let see - may be this comes to reality in 5 years? My American friend say that there is more freedom in Russia right now then in Portland OR where she lives...

  2. "No matter what anybody else thinks, that's how they feel about it"

    You're one dumb and ignorant fuck! PEOPLE in Russia do not support Putler's theft of Crimea. It is supported by zombies, who are brainwashed by state-run media; same type of retards, who believe that Obamka is the greatest president ever.

  3. Hello man. Your poster is awesome, and what you say is true. I live in Crimea, everything is VERY FINE here, no shots, no soldiers, no bloody murders. It is very bad, that USA have worldwide system of brainwashing people thru MEDIA, and european and US citizens simply dont know the truth even about themselves. I saw what they post on NY Times, Washington Post and some other sites: it is HORRABLE and awesome lies:)
    Our ukrainian TV channels are all owned by criminal oligarchs such as Poroshenko, Pinchuk, Kolomoyskiy and other JEWS by the way) Yes, they are. Same as Klitchko, Yatsenuk and nationalist and fascist Tyagnibok - jews by blood. Im not saying jews are bad, Im saying this "ukrainians" arent ukrainians...and...they support neo-nationalist ideology!!!
    So Ukraine is a Circus of freaks...
    Hey guys keep up, everuthing will be fine, Russia will share a piece of real freedom with you too some day. DO NOT TRUST TV and papers, they are all posting lies about us, trust me as I watch them and know English..

  4. If american web-site contains something good about Russia, we come immediately. Hi from sunny Moscow, good joke!)