Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Utopia Quibcag

Baloo tells me that he's been arguing with idealistic young liberals on the net, who have all kinds of great politically correct ideas to make things all better for everybody, with hardly any bloodshed or curtailment of freedom at all, really. If we can just force bakers to make gay wedding cakes and confiscate all the guns in Connecticut and let Michelle plan all our meals and open the borders and give everybody in Somalia a path to citizenship and open all the school girl's rooms in California to the LGBTPDQ's and borrow a few trillion from China to pay slave reparations and send out Homeland Security to supervise all the journalists, then maybe we can truly transform America into something Barbra Streisand and Al Sharpton can be proud of. All this inspired him to dig out another Karol Traven quote and make this quibcag — the lady is Athena, of course, given the Greek Connection. And it is a good thing to keep in mind, for all of us, liberal or otherwise.

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