Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Borders of Europe

Getting serious again, as I see people's reaction to the goings-on in Crimea, I remember that very few people have a sense of history. The more sophisticated seem to remember back to the Cold War, but almost nobody thinks about times before that (except for the usual reference to Hitler, of course.). The consensus seems to be that all borders anywhere are sacred, and changing them is to horrifying to contemplate (except for Kosovo, of course). So this video doesn't prove anything, but it is a good
reminder to us that nothing is safe, and that borders are maintained by force and are changed by force, and that the status quo is nothing special unless you can somehow enforce it. Thanks to
Donald Gasper for calling my attention to it. The original is HERE.  And you'll have to go to the original, because I can't get the file to work any more.

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