Wednesday, March 12, 2014

That Toddlin' Totalitarian Town

Now, in case Hillary succumbs to a spontaneous-combustion hot flash, we have Rahm Emanuel:

Inside the Beltway: A new interest in Rahm Emanuel for 2016?

By Jennifer Harper

The recent Conservative Political Action Conference provides a forum for big names. But it’s also a platform for the murmurs and asides from political strategists who’ve been everywhere and done everything, and like to speculate. Such is the case when the potential presidential candidacy of  Hillary Clinton was parsed by a pair of insiders.
Would she run? Maybe, if her health and vigor remain strong. But is she holding a place for someone else? Could be. The take-away suggestion: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is seriously being groomed as a White House contender.
“Maybe in the lead role, maybe the running mate. Hey, he’s already been in the White House anyway,” one strategist said to the other.
And you know, why not? Why not, from now on, have all our Presidents from Chicago — Obama, Hillary, Rahm, some spare Daley standing around... And when they're all done, we can pick one of the actors from The Good Wife. Could they be worse?

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