Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday Night TV Report

Spoilers below. Be warned.

Well, it started as usual with Walking Dead, which was actually rather mild after last week's "Look at the pretty flowers, Lizzie" episode. Some of them made it to "Terminus," which surely must turn out to be a lotos-eaters situation. We'll see. And Daryl seems to have joined a tribe of Klingons, not to mix genres here.

And then we moved on to The Good Wife, which, I must admit, blew my mind. I didn't see that coming. My prediction is that next week, Will Garner will show up on Walking Dead as a walker. You saw it here first.

And as for Crisis, it's clearly a cut above most such shows. My only question is, did Saul Berenson know about all this, or was the operation carried out after he retired?

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