Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday Evenings Back to Normal

Wallace Shawn as George Soros in Deep Space Nine
It's just not Sunday evening around here without Zombies and Democrats. And now they're all back. The quirkiest show on the air, The Walking Dead (known to Kaithy Shaidle as The Daryl Show) is showing again, and so is The Walking Democrats The Good Wife, which, when you get into it, just may be the funniest show on the air right now. But since they're shown in my area back-to-back (wouldn't 'back-to-front' be more logical?), it's easy to get them mixed up.
Sic 'em, Alicia!
Just last night, the long-suffering sleazeball politician's wife, Alicia Florrick, was being bullied by a huge Black drug dealer and by his straight-out-of-Der-Stürmer lawyer, Charles Lester (portrayed by Wallace Shawn, son of the former New Yorker editor, if you like trivia of that sort), and my knee-jerk reaction was, "Don't just sit there, Alicia! — Get your knife out and stab them in the forehead!" But of course the rules are different in contemporary ruling-class Chicago than they are in post-apocalyptic Georgia. So far, anyway. I have nothing amusing to say about the current Walking Dead episode except that, of course, if the Republicans really want to win in 2016, they'll nominate Norman Reedus.
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