Monday, March 31, 2014

Somebody Else's Ayn Rand Insight

In a recent post HERE, I suggested that Rand's Objectivism was a version of communism rather than a counter to it. According to Jeff Odgis, it is a counter under the right circumstances, which makes me shift my paradigm a little. Jeff is clearly right, but I wasn't entirely wrong — I just wasn't seeing the whole picture.

With the collapse of most traditional religion in this country (and the rest of the West), a lot of people are enchanted to encounter a way of thinking that fits together logically and consistently, and that is based on a few credible assumptions. This is the case with most forms of Marxism. Since many youngsters haven't been brought up with any kind of clear moral code or direction, they're hungry for some kind of pattern or explanation in life, so they, in their naivety, see such a structure in Marxism, be it the actual undiluted stuff or the watered-down forms called cultural Marxism or political correctness. Sure, there are internal contradictions, and none of it bears up when it confronts reality, but remember that we're talking about the young and ignorant who have few defenses.

So Jeff's thinking is that once the kids have been bathed in all this, they can be cured by Objectivism, despite its own downside. It gives them the materialism and scientism that the ambient Marxism has convinced them is basic to rational thinking. It also gives them the moral certitude that Marxism supplies, along with a cadre of handlers who can keep them on the strait and narrow. So, this isn't a perfect cure — there aren't any — but can certainly serve to wean them away from the more dunderheaded aspects of Marxism. On the other hand, if their first encounter is with Objectivism rather than Marxism, Objectivism itself acts to twist their minds into the errors of materialism, scientism, etc., which are not good things. You can't win, not really.

I'd prefer people to think like I do, but if they can't, or can't yet, I'd rather they were in the Objectivist cult than the Marxist cult.  I think.
Quibcag: This is "The Professor," from Nichijou (日常), drinking from the Cup of Objectivism.


  1. Ayn Rand makes more sense than Marxism because the only thing all human individuals can agree they want is their own happiness, and to not have their happiness rained on by other humans. From there we can work some thing out, which thing is logically turns out to be personal and property rights for individuals. Marxism acts as if we are a hive mind that can feel collective happiness, which clearly isn't the case.

  2. Marxism would only survive with the "borg" collective hive mind. You are right Matt. Ayn Rand grew up in Russia, so she was "infected" with materialism. I believe in God and I think she missed the mark, but not totally. Jimmy Jones "authority" passed out the cool aid as freely as ayatollahs. Still need a thesaurus and dictionary to read SMALL book "for the new intellectual"....and still fun. The progressives / statists are so well described as the bad guys.